Do Pet Owners Care More About Environmental Issues?

Two-thirds of pet owners say they try to be good to the environment for the sake of their pet as much as a family member, according to new research from the Purina Together We Can campaign.

The survey suggests that pet owners want to ensure that their pets can enjoy the great outdoors and they also want to preserve the planet for future generations of their beloved cats and dogs.

When asked specifically about recycling, 29% of pet owners said that they do it to protect the environment for their pet. Overall, Britain's pet owners are setting a great example with 88% of them recycling their household waste either 'always' or 'often'.

According to the research team, the new findings highlight a growing realisation that environmental concerns and recycling efforts are aimed at protecting the planet for the future of pet, as well as human, generations.

In the recent poll of 1,030 dog and cat owners, 72% of them see their pet as a part of the family who is as central to their home as much as anyone else and 39% said that they love their pet as if he or she were their own child.

Antal Van Hout, Regional Marketing Director at Purina, said: "Our new research has shown that when cat and dog owners think about the environment's future, around one quarter of them (28.7%) have considered how it might impact their pet."

"We know the special bonds between pet owners and their pets mean that many will go out of their way to make their pets' lives happy and healthy."

"We also know that the environment we all live in is as important to our pets as it is to our own health and wellbeing and we want to encourage British pet owners to help make a difference to all our pets' futures by recycling their steel pet food cans."

The survey showed that one-third (34%) of those polled would like to do even more to protect the environment for the sake of their pet. Purina brands Felix and Winalot have launched the Together We Can campaign aimed at encouraging dog and cat owners to recycle their steel pet food cans. (Source)

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