Stand With Indigenous People of Brazil - SAVE THE AMAZON

Slowing down the climate change with Zero D

Because ancient forest stocks a tremendous amount of carbon, they will release a huge quantity of greenhouse gas effect, if they are destroyed. Before reforesting, it is urgent to slow down the global deforestation.

Acknowledging native territories and their autonomy is a fundamental right recognized by the United Nations Chart of Human Rights, but a number of States keep scoffing it.

Zero Deforestation is a solidarity initiative for land restitution to Native people, either through a legal process when possible (Ecuador, Peru) or by buying back acres of lands when settlers inhabit the area (Colombia).

Thanks to your help, vast natural spaces rich in biodiversity will be protected from shameless exploitation, whether it be forestry, mine, oil or agriculture.

Every hectares of Amazonian forest saved enables to protect many vegetal species that could be useful in the future and stock 650 tons of carbon, the equivalent of the amount of emission generated by 24 millions km with a light car !(Source)

The Amazon is the planet's largest remaining rainforest, teeming with more wildlife than anywhere else on Earth. But this majestic rainforest is caught between the twin destructive forces of deforestation and climate change. Greenpeace is campaigning for an end to deforestation in the Amazon by 2015 and globally by 2020.

You can sign up here to get involved, or try our Find A Brazilian app to help us get 1.4m Brazilians for a zero deforestation law.



Save the Amazon!

To President Dilma Rousseff:

We call on you to take immediate action to save Brazil's precious forests by vetoing the changes to the forest law. We also urge you to prevent further murders of environmental activists and workers by increasing law enforcement against illegal loggers and ramping up protection for people at risk from violence or death. The world needs Brazil to be an international leader on the environment. Your strong action now will safeguard the planet for future generations.

Save the Amazon Rainforest

The amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world. It covers 2.5 million miles of South America. But this magnificent rainforest is in trouble.

VIDEO The Land Is Not Forgotten

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Responses to "Save The Amazon - Bring Your Breath To The Planet (Petitions)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I knew how to stop them from coming, This is How America developed...It was kiled, stolen, and destoyed, for what it is today...So sorry the land is being raped, killed, and destoyed, and the spirits are having to battle with evil...

  2. colin. says:

    im with you 100%.. money and power, ok if used responsibly for the good of the people, but this is what happens when corrupt individuals hold the reigns.

  3. Anonymous says:

    solidaritad y libertad - anarquia
    greeting from the arctic, do not give up your struggle for life and feeedom we are with you

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wish we could all go down there and stand STRONG with the tribes and stop this insanity, wish people would realize that they too will perish if this genocide on our indigenous brothers and sisters continues, may Creator protect them and keep them from the clutches of the corrupt and evil governments.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. lembergn says:

    Save not just the Brazilian, but the Peruvian, Colombian, Ecudarian--las Amazonas enteras

  7. Anonymous says:

    Without the Amazon Rain Forest the whole world is in jeopardy

  8. Anonymous says:

    Money and the economy are no excuse to rape the planet and its people...nuff said.

  9. Leave the Brazilian Native Peoples alone!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Im tired of this horrible corporations, I really don't know how they can sleep at night...I hate our system, the one that they teach us so we don't think is wrong, but just normal. F#ck them! this is not normal, this is crazy and extremly bad.

  11. President and corporations, have you ever thought of everything that could cause such destruction? only for the duration of ephemeral money? Think about this! It will be the beggining of the end of the planet, for you to!!! Leave all indigenous and creature of this forest ALOONNEE!!

  12. this is atrocious and all civilized countries should be judged by how they treat the land AND the Indigenous Peoples who put their lives on the line to protect it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    STOP THIS INSANITY! The world is going implode if the greed is not reigned in. We can not continue to rape, pillage, and plunder our environment and resources. The people of the Amazon have a right to retain control of their lands. This is no different that settlers "settling the west" because it was not occupied. The people of the Native American Nations occupied that land and were herded onto reservations, so the white man could settle it and make it productive. Sadly,the people of the Native Nations have suffered ever since. Don't let this happen to the people native to this area. With the destruction of their lands come air and water pollutions, plus loss of habitat for birds, animals, and fish.

  14. Anonymous says:

    With you and the mother earth with love for her! <3

  15. Anonymous says:

    if we grew hemp we wouldnt need to cut down these trees or drill for as much oil,,,hemp is a sourse of food,clothing,paper ,hempcrete hemp building materials hemp oil hemp seeds fpr protien the list goes on

  16. I live in a Australia and wanted to sign the petition to save the Amazon Rainforest but there was no Australia on the list of countries. I liked & shared the video to be able to least do something towards this cause.

    May God be with you all in your defending God's beautiful and much needed rainforests.

    Sony Crystal

  17. Anonymous says:

    I agree
    Let's not forget about all the other causes in Namibia, Australia, etc
    I can't live without printing all my documents and more

    Younès SEBTI MYHRE

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing- the indigenous people are smarter than the President, the government and the disgusting corporatations. They live harmoniosly with nature, and of course help protect environment, while the opposite destroy everyting due to greedyness.

  19. yiovanna says:

    pues lo mejor que podemos hacer y esta en nuestras manos, es NNNNOOOO consumir productos que provengan de las empresas que esta desforestando en el amazona y cualquier otro lugar de la tierra, no usen abrigos de piel, ni compren muebles de madera, soya, carne, sabian que se desorestan millones de has para cultivar productos para darle de comer a las vasa?, investiguen bien y desde ahy abstenganse de consumir esos productos, y ya esta, con eso se acaba el problema, gracias.

  20. ginger says:

    man will never learn we r doomed to repeat history over & over again.........we really r a stupid lot........may God have mercy on our souls

  21. Anonymous says:

    Im with you in prayers im in heart and the sacred is with you.

  22. Anonymous says:

    money culture destroying everything. help the brazilian life+nature and save the whole world for future
    give up! the money culture it's the way. can you?

  23. Anonymous says:

    We need to communicate the urgency to those around us that are ignorant about these issues. The people here are not the ones that need convincing that political action is needed.

    Xiola Red

  24. Unknown says:

    I fully agree with the message in the video. I demand that plundering of Brazilians must stop.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I would sign the petition but when I type in the form nothing appears to show in the fields. I hope others are not having this problem.

  26. Anonymous says:

    stop the defforestation and all ow these peaple their home

  27. Unknown says:

    We wouldn't like this done to the area where we live so why should these lovely people have it done to their lands. Its just not right.

  28. Unknown says:

    I fully agree with the message in the video. I demand that plundering of Brazilians must stop.

  29. Remer Coelho says:

    I agree, I'm Brazilian an want to help.

  30. SASS says:

    Why isn't the Amazon a World Heritage site??? Far more important than a stupid bloody building somewhere!!! If we could get it World Heritage status maybe things could change??? Just a thought.
    Peace my friends.

  31. Anonymous says:

    The Amazon has to be saved, the trees are the lungs of the Earth! watch Avatair, there is more to this film than just entertainment. I am adding a poem i have written on how i feel about what is happening.

    You take away the beauty
    In return you give us pain,
    Our forests are disappearing
    The animals the same.
    All for what you call, a better world
    Where happiness is found
    It was here in the beginning
    We just didn't look around.
    We are left with devistation
    Nowhere left for us to turn
    They have goverened this land,with a rod of iron,
    it's their turn now to learn.
    They cannot treat the people
    The way that they have done,
    The people now should reunite
    and the world would become as one.

  32. save the land.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Corruption is here because we live in a male dominator world, and util we change the way we think we will continue into the dominator life. When we start living and thinking in a female co-operative world view things will be different. Read books by Riane Eisler and pass them on.....join movements like Thrivemovement. Live and think co-operatively. If we continue in this world view that we are in we will destroy the world that feeds us like any common parasite.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This jewell and it's people can't be destroyed111 It's a pityfuld, horrible and irresponsible act!!!!Who are we to destroy those people and their living place and media????

  35. Little.Harlequin says:

    We are all guilty of killing the forest!

    All of us use Paper, all of us use plastic and everyone doesn't even bother to find out how it gets made. Yes people... Companies cut down amazing places like the stunning Amazon to make paper from trees, to produce plastic from the dug up oil and in the process EVERYTHING around these companies DIES! Just so that we can have our glorified plastic bottles to drink from and our pathetic money to keep on spending it on useless goods.

    Here, go ahead and educate yourself:




    Hint: Start by stopping to buy plastics.

  36. Anonymous says:

    don`t kill the forest

  37. Unknown says:

    Brazilians must stop.

  38. Terry Ginis says:

    I have been to the Amazon rainforest twice in recent years and I can tell you firsthand that the government's treatment of the environment and native people there is shocking.

  39. Anonymous says:

    We all need to breath!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    wot will happen when theres nothin left to cut down and destroy

  41. Persia Prado says:

    Basta de roubo e privilegios a poucos , vamos nos unir e acabar com esse desproposito, basta!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I have never been to the rainforest, but I would like it to be there for the people and animals that live there.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Tenemos que hacer algo para parar la tala indiscriminada de nuestros bosques, tenemos que saber que no somos los unicos seres vivientes en este planta y respetar las plantas y los animales.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The rainforest of Brazil is not just for Brazil, it is world heritage, belongs to the whole world, we must preserve it, not let few greedy business people, or Brazil government to destroy them out of ignorance, Those lands belong to the Native people that lived there, they have preserved it without destroying, since the existence of mankind, it should be untouched.

  45. Anonymous says:

    We are fighting these battles across the world including Australia. We somehow need to show mining corporations that these natural areas are already on someone else's balance sheet and are vital to the health of humanity. Please publish the names of companies involved - maybe a worldwide boycott of shareholders and customers will hit them hard enough to make them "wake up". My heart goes out to you in Brazil and may you stay strong in your fight, and find creative ways of harnessing the energy and passion of other people across the world to help you.

  46. Unknown says:

    @ Sony Crystal, I am from Australia and I found Australia and could sign. Don't know why you couldn't. Try again this is too important. Loves breath always Jan.

  47. jill says:

    take action!! sign the new actions of support ~the situation is escalating~everything for it must be signed and shared because the dilma is unaffected ~

  48. This healing has been prophesied; that the period of the Nine Hells is over and humanity is shifting to a new time cycle that is harmonic and sustainable.So this is time we must prepare for the great celebration.

  49. Anonymous says:

    The Amazon is better than a Carbon Tax, so no more clearing OK!

  50. lionel says:


  51. Anonymous says:

    Tina says:
    I think Mother Eartrh will intervene somewhere along the way.They keep raping her for the sake of money.She will destroy us before we destroy her.She has the power.She gives to us freely.water to drink,food to eat and sunshine to keep us healthy,we take without giving her a single thought.

  52. Anonymous says:

    We borrow this planet from the futures générations.

  53. Anonymous says:

    We moeten ons schamen.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Love this comment! So true! Bamboo is also a wonderful alternative! (Except for food! Lol.)

  55. Anonymous says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I hope you don't mind me sharing this poem...

  56. Anonymous says:

    Ksu.Mizpe ramon.Israel.
    Vavilon we can stop you only when we are together.So ...
    in 21 cent we have a lot of options for make and use energy,and this way its very old stupid to kill something that you cannot create by yourself...but its not me should thinking like this...but goverments...

  57. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! we need more pages like this one.

  58. this is our forest,
    for eons here we live,
    we understand the land
    we never take more
    than she can give

    please help these noble people and this precious ecosystem

  59. Anonymous says:

    Without the Amazon Rain Forest the whole world is in jeopardy

  60. redemptionfari says:

    he who wish to destroy creation will end up destroying himself so you better be careful those who are responsible for the destruction of this wonderful creation.

  61. SERART says:

    correctly the real people, those who know how to respect and
    is one with nature, freedom in the Amazon the planet of breath :)

  62. SERART says:

    Ελευθερια στον Αμαζονιο την ανασα της γης,ελευθερια στους πραγματικους ανθρωπους που ειναι ενα με την φυση. :)

  63. Anonymous says:

    It is the cutting down of the rain forest that is heating up our western hemisphere. Over time it would produce climate change turning our midwest into place no longer suitable for agriculture. A drought across much of the nation currently you say? I saw all of this coming since 1978. When Japan was in charge of the World Bank Brazil wanted money. So they gave Brazil an installment loan to cut down the rain forest. Cut down 10% get 10% money. Pointless unless you want to screw us and us alone. it is the plant life that sustain the rainforest, not the soil; it produces huge amounts of O2; it cools the whole hemisphere at the equator whish otherwise must be cooled by rising temporatures in the ocean. Anyone with any knowledge of geography knows the result of that move over time would be climate change in the North American midwest. They fucked us hard.

  64. Vista says:

    All of humanity belongs to the Amazonean Rain Forest. Those who don´t get that , don´t deserve to live........

  65. Ashamed to be a part of the human race sometimes...this is so disheartening. I will include my signature, and my prayers for Earth and her many beautiful people. May the bullies of capitolist gain be pulled up by their ears and made accountable for their ignorance & arrogance. I wonder if they know their children too will be breathing with tanks of oxygen instead of playing in fresh air.

  66. About the Kogi Indians - Sierra de Santa Marta - Colombia/They say, we are doing so much harm that they cannot put right what we are doing wrong. The Mother is suffering, aluna is in pain, and the earth itself is critically sick. So, they say, as we cut down more and more forests, take out more and more of the earth’s minerals, burn more fuels, so the rivers dry up, the rain diminishes, new diseases appear, and human society itself becomes more violent and unstable. The Mother is sick, and they cannot cure her. Even the sacred sites where they make their offerings have been seized, the gold plundered, and the earth dug up to build power stations and new developments.
    The Kogi Mamas say we need to learn from them how to respect the world, and how to respect them. They believe that the only alternative is that we will destroy their world, and ours.

    Alan EREIRA – Who made the BBC television program “From the Heart of the World - The Elder Brothers’ Warning” and established “The Tairona Heritage Trust”.

  67. Anonymous says:

    The cutting down of a small forest made an entire region loose its culture,economy ,population.It happened almost sixty years ago. No signs of recovery yet!It is what happens to the planet ,should we loose our rain forests!

  68. Anonymous says:

    I feel so sad that your home is being destroyed. I really hope this petition will make a difference! xxx

  69. Anonymous says:

    Have some dignity and respect. Treasure the planet, don't ruin it. Learn from the cultural diversity, specially from ancient cultures, don't liquidate them all!

  70. Anonymous says:

    yeah, blessed love u, fi your comment and think nothing justify that!, conquer, destroy, and cut off the culture of the people aroud of di earth, that is theirs jobs.
    Thanks fi di petition....Aya

  71. Anonymous says:

    is our planet, our mother earth!! We love her is life, we are all one!! WAKE UP!!!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Life is a privilege, this land is our source of life and the only reason we are here in the first place. what is money when the land is gone, once the land is gone so are we and that is reality.

  73. Anonymous says:

    for the sake of money they would take everything they could. but in return no life for those people who cares for mother earth. just like here in philippines we were fighting against mining.

  74. Anonymous says:


  75. Anonymous says:

    Stop deforestation please, NOW!!!!

  76. Cuando vamos a cerrar el grifo a los Europeos y a los gringos!? Cuando logremos hacer eso les vamos a tener por los cojones! Que sepan que por nosotros sobreviven en paises de nieve! de nuestras frutas y ganan al venderlas en Scandinavia 30 veces más de lo que pagan! Cerremos el grifo ya!

  77. Anonymous says:

    the nature will destroy those who disrespeckt her!

  78. History is again repeating itself just like how the native Americans in the US were killed and deprived of their own lands and rights. Civilized people of the world must unite to save the last rainforest of our planet.

  79. Anonymous says:


  80. Munky says:

    WHy are they there.those people are living in those woods.

  81. Anonymous says:

    all there doing is killing the land with greed $$$$$$$$$ after that thay move on to another place?

  82. Anonymous says:


  83. bugart says:

    we should all prevent and protect our biodiversity from deforestation. we have also fight for the rights of the ancestor.

  84. Anonymous says:

    +*stop tat progress its wrong

  85. Anonymous says:

    I love our earth mother. protect her. stop deforestation. just love <3

  86. Anonymous says:

    Stop Deforestation!

  87. Anonymous says:

    arretons la deforestation et laissons notre planete vivre libre et en paix

  88. Unknown says:

    We need to protect the precious lungs of the earth.

  89. Anonymous says:

    They don't care because they will just go to another planet after and do the same thing... history repeats itself again and again

  90. Anonymous says:

    We have to do something before it's too late...

  91. Anonymous says:

    We are destroying our planet stop deforestation, people want to make change well this is an opportunity to take a stand... stop destroying our earth.

    Greed is our problem

  92. Anonymous says:

    We are slowly but progressively wiping out the human race,the continuation of deforestation will help speed up this processes...STOP the MADNESS

    Rebecca C. GA

  93. Anonymous says:

    We humans destroy the natural things in life… we tend to forget where we come from. Change is good but we must also understand that changing the natural things in life can have serious consequences. We must also never forget that when we die we leave all things behind.I wish we had learned from our past mistakes... guess not.

  94. Anonymous says:

    i remember watching a TV prog some years ago about a tribe that had come out of the Jungle to warn that decimating the rain forests would lead to global catastrophe, the simple way they explained it all made sense, when the hills died so did the jungle. have watched in horror as it keeps coming true

  95. Lee says:

    Signées et partagées... Pourvu que le bon sens l'emporte rapidement sur les lobbies et le pognon ! :(

  96. Anonymous says:

    wont be happy till its all gone , keep fighting you can be strong gather your nations

  97. Anonymous says:


  98. Anonymous says:

    Why do elected politicians let that happen? In which name? Of the people? No, just for the quick money. Can´t eat as much as I wished to vomit!

  99. Anonymous says:

    This is not right! Save the rainforest, don't destroy the native lands n beauty! Enough of our native lands were taken by the selfish leaders from the past up to now. We don't want this to happen again.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Take a moment read all of the above post. We are from different places and countries if we could form some kind of group that could stand together and people could see our numbers things mite change but just a few mouth piece is not going to work it is going to take people willing to put what we know to be right first and join together standing as one. We can make a difference we just need to be willing to give up a little to make a difference.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I sign the petition through this comment. Lee-Anne Shaw-Newland, Jhb, SA. za

  102. Anonymous says:

    Terrence McKenna saw this coming.This cannot continue.

  103. fabre Joelle says:

    si au moins l homme realisais les vrai valeurs....

  104. Anonymous says:

    Climate Change Is Here/Now!!! Rich,poor,liberal or conservative WE NEED OUR FORESTS!!! THEY ARE OUR LUNGS!!!!!

  105. Anonymous says:

    this land is from the locals !!!! the indians !!!


    There is are enough resources that are available for usage with out destroying ANOTHER ONE OF OUR GODs NATURAL TREASURES TO THE EARTH...please reconsider, please seek out other options. I appeal to you in the name of my Christ.... -pastor Lamont Echols aka "Sincere" Baltimore, Md. TRU LIFE MINISTRIES

  107. We are beautiful Natives! Under cloths and culture. We have all have the same basic needs. How much and of what do we really need? Which is the cleanest source around? Lets not consume our cummunal habitat for life. lets flow with it. It ha
    ve been here and alive long before us. We are nature. Do you remember? Please just be, satisfied. Work with nature and praise yourself as nature. If you belive it, share it! Ignorance and silent acceptance has corrupted our habitat and climate. Lets shape up! and so will it! Lets breath together, slowly and feel it. Your every breath is natures ♥

  108. Anonymous says:


  109. Unknown says:

    apoyo 100% incondicional a los unicos y verdaderos duenos de las tierras que son los indigenas!

  110. Anonymous says:


  111. Anonymous says:

    as a human it is not easy to hold your head up when you see peoples rights violated so that the 1% gain more wealth, its sickening, so when i see governments and presidents with their's held up extreamly high whilst people are suffering as these people obviously are and showing they really dont give a damn about the "working man" or the "little person" it really is time to seek out a life without their control and LIES cause fellow humans with them around life will not get any better, TO ALL VIOLATED NATIVES WOMEN CHILDREN AND MEN YOUR IN MY THOUGHTS

  112. Anonymous says:

    I support the natives of amazon and their cause.

  113. Anonymous says:

    The Land should stay with whom it belongs to! The Indians! PAP


  114. Anonymous says:

    Only An Enourmous SHAKE UP; Can Resolve What We've been doing.
    Maybe,Finally; This December 21 We'll get it.
    No Politicians,Wall Street Corporations,Accountants, or Lawyers involved.
    Only a New Cycle;of Free Energy, Cooperation, Understanding & Contribution, will allow us to Share and Enjoy, Life on Earth.
    The Present Will Only Promote Hell on Earth; Even Further.
    I'm Confident Something Powerfull Enough Will Occur; Where The Powerfull Demons on Earth will No Loger have Any Influence on us.

  115. Anonymous says:

    I look at the earth as our mother. We call her Papatuanuku. I also believe she is only functioning on one lung since the mighty rainforest in Africa (now known as the Sahara) was deforested. If we humans do not cease this senselessness... we will die.

  116. Anonymous says:

    Save the Amazon - our brothers and sisters are living under genocide like we do in North America...but worse, because they are in resistance. Creator give them peace and harmony and strength against Government and Tyanny. Huy Ch Qu Sharon Lewis - Cowichan, Coast Salish Territory

  117. Anonymous says:

    Prayers for you!

  118. Anonymous says:

    ...IN the beginning....We were all one people under God (The Creator of Mother Earth and all that is) is written ...we all were separated long ago because we displeased God when some people, who wanted to keep God's Way, thought they should move to live away from the others who were being evil....So God separated us perhaps to make us work harder and learn our lesson ... to live together as ONE PEOPLE under GOD...GOD wants us to make it work!!...while "civilized nations" rose one after another building their empires ..they lost the knowledge of God's Way....many of the First Nations who lived on the land have been separated since...but have managed to keep perhaps the most important knowledge of God's Way....The Respect for Mother Earth and understanding that she provides all for us and we can use her bounty and subdue nature, but we must ensure the EArth can replenish modern terms that is the foundation of "sustainability".........funny how much of the developed world fails to interpret Holy proves we all had the same instruction to repect the Earth.....Read Genesis 1:28 and see what you hear.........If any readers work for, or personally know people who work for any global corporation involved in natural resource extraction and development in South Amercia... ask questions.... like, "do you take seriously the role of socially responsible and sustainable business practices?"......."do they relaize ensuring the Earth can replenish truly the only way to ensure shareholder value?".....It is time..... and we need to do Work together as ONE People.... and respect Mother Earth, all her peoples and all living things.......we have a social responsibility ...and a spiritual responsibility to God!

  119. Tania says:

    This is very concerning that governments are still allowing such behaviour. When as a race are we going to learn and stop all of the madness. These poor people need out help. Greed and money has to stop for the well being of the human race especially the native people and tribes around the world. Do we want them all gone NO NEVER - they are sacred tribes with alot of knowledge and history that could be shared with all. We have to stop and start to Love and Look after everyone on this planet.

  120. gmail says:

    of course I signed the petition, and I'm please to have done it , but at the end of the day I do not have enought confidence in the humankind for expecting that my signature will help.
    As long as man will prefder the love of power rather than the power of love. i'm afraid that any petition will never solve important question for saving my loved earth.... :-) Anyway let's hope.....

  121. Sign ALL the petitions! .o/

  122. Justice Moonwolf says:

    STOP destroying our forests! The land is not yours to destroy. Without the trees, the world will die. All of the man-made buildings you are throwing up on these lands are left abandoned all across the world -- empty ... and THIS is what you are destroying the beautiful Amazon for ... you are not making the world better, you are ensuring your children's children's children will not have a healthy world to live in!

  123. Anonymous says:

    If the dictator in Ecuador has his way there will be less and less unspoiled rain forest left due to mining and oil exploration.

  124. Anonymous says:

    Makes me sick of how greedy mankind can be. The powerful the more they get, the more the want. I hate this destruction of such beautiful forest for the sake of a few rich b*stards. I hope the earth would swallow them whole as punishment.

  125. Save the lungs of the Earth! If they die, so do WE!

  126. Anonymous says:

    If you take away the land, you take away the way of life... It's happening now and our generation needs to speak up now not just for us but for generations after this. I do want my future children and grandchildren to read about the amazons from a HISTORY BOOK. I want my future children to learn from the environment and enjoy the beauty of the natural world instead of watching about the apocalypse, and wanting things that they cannot use in their life to make them better people and to connect with a community that helps one another. This affects everyone, so everyone should share responsibility to be a part of it. People do not despair, we can make a difference.. we just need to wake up! The amazon is still here, there is time left!

  127. Anonymous says:

    WE have to stop hurting our planet and each other. We live in a time that if we do any more destruction, we destroy ourselves. People wake up and see that in order to survive things need to change. You only get to live one time, and your children do as well. What you do now affects everyone, you have a choice. Make the right one. Stop taking what you want and only what you need to survive and replenish that which you have taken out of greed.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Be ready to tell your children what you did. You won't hurt as much as they will..


  129. Anonymous says:

    Spencer: in the name of humanity...stop it !!! the amazon rainforest is the weather kitchen for the whole world. it's the home of the indigenous people of's their land and no playground for corrupt politicians and other profit-greedy inhuman beings !!!

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