Steve Greco is a wildlife artist and a naturalist. He describes himself in this way, "As an artist and a naturalist, I believe that the natural world deserves mankind's total attention and compassion in its 'Eleventh Hour'. We are at a crossroads concerning our environment and change must come from within each individual. There are no neutral parties in my opinion. We are all part of the problem, therefore we must all be part of the solution.

It is our responsibility to inform, educate and administer cures to the environmental disasters that besiege us. We must present the ecology of the planet as 'Personal' to first, as well as third, world countries that partake of the Earth's bounty. It must be presented in a manner which makes sense to people. Whether helping save the rainforest or picking up trash along the roadway - all can promote change. To quote William Drayton, 'Change starts when someone sees the next step'."

He grew up in the beautiful state of Maine in the U.S. His education consisted of attending the Butera School of art for his Bachelors of Arts in 1991. Prior to this, his background consisted of marine biology, creative writing and journalism while attending Middlesex Community College in Massachusetts. In 2001, he received an Assoc. Degree in Wildlife Conservation & Foresty at Harcourt School.

Because of his interest and strong feelings concerning the environment, Steve is associated with the Cousteau Society, the African Wildlife Foundation and Greenpeace. He has also taken a strong stance against cruel animal practices, such as the leg hold trap, and continues to make his voice heard in any political situation involving animals.

In the art world he has participated in many prestigious art shows including the National Wildlife Art show in Washington, D.C., and has sat on the board of directors of the Nature Arts Organization. He has also studied with famous wildlife artist, Robert Bateman.
He has and continues to win many art awards. Currently he lives in historic Concord, Massachusetts and runs Greco Art Studios while continuing to paint and attend art shows whenever possible.
Enjoy some of his beautiful paintings below.

Looking for Lunch Painting - Steve Greco

Lion Low Painting Steve Greco

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