30-Year-Old Stallion Saved from Squalor Gets Beautiful Sunset Years

Knickers is a 30 year old beautiful, Arabian Stallion. But it wasn't always this way. Until recently he lived well over 10 years of his life living in a dark, dingy barn in a tiny 10×10 barb-wired pen. The pen was never cleaned and the water and food supply was sparse at best. Knickers was rescued along with 11 other horses from the property. Some of them were living in 5 feet of mud. The "owners" had put wood shavings down and the horses were so hungry that they started eating them. It was in June of last year that Knickers life changed for the better.

He was rescued at that time and was put in a foster home. But he is a stallion and since he is considered too old to be gelded safely, he had to be moved to another foster home because there were 2 mares living at the first one. Stallions can be hard to place and require special handling and he also requires special feeding instructions since he has no molars left. Knickers needs a diet of soaked pellets because of this. His feed and supplements will run about $150 a month.

Knickers was doing really well in his second foster home and was living with a gelding in a big pasture. Unfortunately he needed to find a new place to live because the original foster owners were moving out of state and his current foster mom’s house was in foreclosure. Since he was still considered to be in the shelter system in Grass Valley, CA., they were worried that euthanasia might be the end result.

Knickers is a very gentle boy with people and comes from spectacular bloodlines. Turns out he is a Naborr grandson and great-grandson. After all he has been through prior to his rescue it would've been a shame to have him euthanized. Thankfully a Horse Rescue Sanctuary has come to Knickers rescue once again.

JERAS - short for "Journeys End Ranch Animal Sanctuary" has taken Knickers in permanently. However, care is not free and they are looking for sponsors for this sweet older horse. If you can help please call them at 928-757-7182. They are located in California also. If he could, Knickers would say Thank You once again.

VIDEO "Knickers", a rescued 30 year old Arabian stallion

Knickers' old home

Responses to "Beautiful Arabian Stallion Rescued from Life of Squalor"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I dont undestand why people take animals that they know damn well they are NOT going to care for!

  2. Anonymous says:

    He is still gorgeous at thirty years...goes to show what an Arabian is all about. I wish him well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'll never understand diss respect towards animals. After being treated so badly he still looks like a beautiful stallion!!! I love stallions and horses and dogs cats and any animal on earth. Each one is part of the chain of life. Any animal is important for nature. We are the only ones that are NOT!!!

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