Eagles get a new home in the sky

It's sad to think that less than 20 years ago, the American Bald Eagle was on the brink of extinction. This beautiful bird represents America's strength and freedom. Since then however it has made an incredible comeback in many states of America. Wildlife experts say the Bald Eagle is the biggest success story of all the other endangered animals under the Endangered Species Act. In 1995, the bird was taken off the list and transferred to the list of threatened species.

Recently,thanks to one state in particular, a family of eagles is thriving all because of a collaboration of four south Georgia organizations. Five years ago, a Colquitt County farmer Joel Norman, discovered a pair of eagles who were named Mary and Abe. But nature wasn't being very cooperative in helping them to become established in the area. Two separate lighting strikes destroyed Abe and Mary's first couple of nests. Bald eagles normally use the same nest year after year and it didn't look promising for Abe and Mary at all.

But that was before a group of businesses stepped in to lend the eagles a hand. A decision was made by The Georgia Wildlife Association, Colquitt EMC, Moultrie Tech, and The Langdale Forest Company to try to reestablish the eagles in this area by building a new home for the pair of eagles. It was a very thought out process but also a very major undertaking. The plan was to erect a 90 foot pole and then place the eagle's nest on top of it. The Bald Eagle builds the largest nest of any North American bird, up to 13 ft. deep (4 meters), 8.2 ft. wide (2.5 meters), and 1.1 tons (1 metric ton) in weight.

After an initial rough start to find a pole that size and then the problem of getting it to the site, a day and a time was set to build the new nesting site for the eagles. On Thursday of this week, Colquitt EMC worked for almost four hours today setting up what they hope to be the eagle's new home. After setting up the nest, digging the hole, and dropping the pole, it could not have been placed or gone any better. The nest will be monitored over the next several days to make sure that Abe and Mary have taken to their new home.

It was Chet Powell with Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association who had originally called Colquitt EMC about erecting the pole. Then Langdale Forest Products in Valdosta was kind enough to locate the pole and transport it there to the site. Moultrie Tech helped erect the nest and platform together. It was the first time ever to attempt something like this and these 3 businesses volunteered time, equipment and supplies to have this happen.

Chet Powell says it's been a rough year for those who help those wild animals in need. "A lot of Wildlife Rehabilitators just couldn't afford to do it. They work out of their own pocket and off contributions. We've helped out where we can, but we've pretty much depleted our funds this year." So it was with much gratitude and appreciation to the three businesses mentioned above that the eagle pair now have a new and permanent home in southern Georgia. A wonderful collaboration done out of respect and admiration for a bird that is the symbol of Freedom in America.

Photo Credit Mike Johnson

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    So glad to see my home state doing this for our national bird!

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