Argentina’s parliament has introduced a new bill in order to impose a range of penal sanctions against those who exploit children for labor in the South American country, Press TV reports.

Official statistics show that more than 450,000 children are forced to work in agriculture, mining and fishing activities and domestic service in Argentina. This is while the country’s national legislation prohibits “all employment ways” of anyone under 16.

Deputy Chairman of the Labor Committee Victor De Gennaro has called on the country’s parliamentarians to protect and “decriminalize” popular organizations that provide children from vulnerable sectors with job training to change their future.

Some of the organizations that assist at-risk children have sprung up from decades of public disinvestment, social exclusion, poverty and inequality.

“Work becomes not only a way of surviving, but a teaching and pedagogical tool that involves comradeship, future perspective and collective sense,” Victor De Gennaro told Press TV.

He further added that, “It is true that we cannot solve the problem of child labor only through law enforcement, but we can change the system that has created hunger, poverty and controls wealth instead of redistributing it. However, we are making progress provided that we address the issue in a clear way.”

Even though the Argentine officials designed strategies and plans to battle one of the worst forms of child abuse in the country, experts believe actions by popular groups are vital especially when political and state efforts fail.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), 215 million children in the world are denied with their rights to education, health care and housing everyday as they are exposed to appalling and illegal working conditions. (SOURCE)


Responses to "Argentina’s parliament passes new anti-child labor bill (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    If we declared it child abuse in America, after examining the evidence, why is it so complicated and mind boggling, that any child in the Universe should be exploited!!!After all they inherit and will eventually make the decisions in the future of what is fair and what is abusive. Our inncent children need protection..I send them the strength to outlive injustice and the self serving needs of the adults that instead, should be protecting them as the precious, innocent resource that they are...I send them blessings from spirit and blessings.........

  2. Gail Hunt Speed says:

    God bless those who pressed for and passed this law! Sadly child exploitation will continue, even in the US, until all adults see children as a God given gift, not just available, cheap labor!

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