This dog just loves to swim with fish and dolphins.

This four-legged friend video is going viral all the way from the African coast.Kira, the black Labrador called the "dolphin-spotter", is all ready for playing with her favorite friends of the sea.

It's safety first for the puppy as she jumps into the water wearing a life jacket.

According to a website dedicated for animals, where the video was originally posted, Kira takes the plunge into the crystal waters of Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique and shovels herself to the pack of dolphins.

"Kira is a normal dog with special friends", according to the website. "Every day, she leaves behind dull dog activities on the shore and heads out to sea to do something much more exciting. Swimming with wild dolphins"

The owner of Kira, Noeleen Cruz is no stranger to the dolphins either. She is the founder of Dolphin Aqua Somente Ponta de Ouro Center. Apparently, the dog is like an important member of the center she even named one of their dive boats after the dog.

"Kira is named after Noeleen’s Labrador, which accompanies most of the trips. We like to call the dog the dolphin spotter," the center's website says.

"As Kira has a love for the sea and the dolphins of Ponta, it was decided to name our new boat after the dog."

VIDEO The dog that loves swimming with dolphins
Dolphin Dog from Earth Touch on Vimeo.

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