Here you find a small selection of Jeroen's studies, including his latest work.

Jeroen T. Vogtschmidt, one of today's most talented Western artists, enjoys wide acclaim for his accurate and sensitive depictions of the American Indian. He is dedicated to portray Native American culture and history in an accurate and honest way. Inspired by his travels all over the western USA and Canada, by talking to many people, by visiting dozens of museums and by reading countless hours about American Indians, Jeroen paints with knowledge and passion. Each of his art works is true even in the smallest details; the result of many years of continuous research.

Jeroen has also been interested in art for as long as he can remember. Born into an artistic family, he was familiar with oil paints and brushes long before his first day in school. He has been painting and drawing ever since.

Each painting starts with an idea, a basic story he wants to tell. Then he makes dozens of thumbnail sketches, some hardly more than abstract scribbles, in order to find the right composition that tells that story best. Then he makes a more detailed drawing, making many small changes along the way. The result is usually the basis for the painting. Normally, Jeroen works on several paintings at a time, and he maintains a rigid painting schedule, six days a week.

His first major art show, at Jester Art Gallery in Amsterdam, Holland, back in 1990, was a major success with nearly all works sold. The show also coincided with the publication of his first book on American Indians. It remains a classic in Dutch literature on the subject. Since then, many more shows have followed, in the USA, several European countries and in Southeast Asia. He has written five more books and dozens of his paintings have been reproduced as prints and posters, in all well beyond the 100,000 mark. His works can be found in numerous books and magazines.

Jeroen has been painting for more than 20 years. His meticulous attention to detail and rich and intense use of colors, combined with his knowledge of and love for his subject matter, have captured the eye and heart of many collectors.
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