The beautiful and graceful dance of male humpback whales.

The ballet is a beautiful dance that is performed with much grace and beauty. Although we tend to think of the ballet as being performed by humans, sometimes animals seem to perform a kind of ballet in their own way. The humpback whales, although they weigh around 40 tons each, are a perfect example of such an animal.

The humpback ballet may be performed by one or several whales, but is most often seen with male and female pairs. It has commonly been observed shortly after the dissolution of a competitive group, once all other challengers have departed as in a victory dance.

This has led many to believe that the ballet is a prelude to mating, or possibly a right after mating celebration. However, these are still just theories because as of yet a humpback mating has never actually been witnessed.

Once the whales are alone, the two principal performers will begin to twist and turn underwater. This is for apparently no reason other than the enjoyment and expression of it. The enormous whales will move with astonishing elegance, curving around each other, moving very slowly, and with great care. One whale may gently extend a pectoral fin towards the other, arch its back, and slowly roll in three-dimensional space, all the while remaining within touching distance of the other whale.

Enjoy the video below of whales in such a dance with each other. It is an awe-inspiring, beautiful and very touching moment to witness.

VIDEO Whale ballet

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    Very nice

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    That gave me chills... that was beautiful.

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    It always makes me stop and think how beautiful these creatures are.God makes the most beautiful things.

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