Amazing rescue dog detects six-year-old boy's seizures before they happen

Six year old Leo has undergone three brain surgeries by the age of five. Leo, who lives in Los Angeles with his mother, Yasmine, suffers from multiple brain aneurysms and has seizures because of it. A brain aneurysm can rupture, bleeding into the brain and cause a potentially fatal hemorrhagic stroke, according to the Mayo Clinic. They can also cause significant ongoing health problems.

When Leo was only three years old, Doctors discovered a large bulge in one of his blood vessels after he had collapsed one day.
Leo was taken into hospital to be treated and was there for days. He was very sick but it wasn't until dogs who visit sick children in hospital, came to visit him that Leo started to make a speedy recovery.

As his mother describes it, "As soon as the dogs came, he lit up. He started walking, he started having them do tricks...he was laughing, he was smiling, and within three days he was out of the hospital." Because of Leo's startling progress, Yasmine decided to get him a dog. They settled on Henry, who'd been on a 'kill list' at a local shelter and adopted him.

But rather than just being Leo's companion, Henry has been trained to detect Leo's seizures. Bob Taylor, who trains seizure detection dogs explains just how important a dog's role in this is.
"Dogs can smell the smells that the body is going to let off before the seizure and they learn that this is not normal and will raise the alarm."

Although Henry's role as a seizure detection dog is a crucial one in Leo's life, Henry still is very much part of the family. Mother, Yasmine, lovingly refers to her family now as 'the three musketeers.' But the main difference is that now Henry can help to save Leo's life in more than one way just as Leo and his mom saved Henry's life. It is love at it's very best.

VIDEO Healing Power of Pets - Seizure Detecting Dog assists boy

Responses to "Amazing pet dog trained to detect little boy's seizures (Video)"

  1. That is wonderful for all 3. What breed of dog is Henry, please?

  2. Anonymous says:

    My ex, who suffered from epilepsy, had an "ordinary, untrained" pet dog who warned us when she was about to have a seizure. It gave her time to reach an armchair or for me to be ready to catch her as she suddenly fell. The dog is a Pomeranian mutt bitch.

  3. Unknown says:

    @ DragonTat2: Henry looks to be a champion Heinz 57.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. John says:

    Very Emotional to watch. Loved every second of the Video.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I tried to teach a Psychiatrist or two what my dogs could see in the eyes of a pregnant woman. They put me on a treatment order.

  7. Jerry says:

    I believe we only understand a small amount of things dogs can do.

  8. Anonymous says:

    To answer the question above about Henry's breed, Henry looks a lot like my dog, which is a Carolina Dog (American Dingo).

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