LAKE ALMANOR, CA - A lost baby bobcat was rescued Saturday by a firefighter hand crew assigned to the Chips Fire.

Hand crew Supt. Tad Hair said the baby was found going around in circles near a tree stump. He described her as the size of a domestic kitten and her vision seemed impaired, said U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman Laurie Pearson.

"They were there, saw her in the dirt, her eyes were all crusted over," Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care executive director Cheryl Milham said. "She had crust on nose. She was walking around in circles."

The firefighters searched a large area for the bobcat's mother, but found no sign of her.

Meantime, Hair said the baby followed them, nestling on his boots against his chaps when they stopped.

Pearson said the firefighters contacted several agencies and were put in contact with Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, a non-profit group which rescues, rehabilitates and releases orphaned and injured wildlife.

The rescue group has been taking care of the baby 1.5 pound kitten named "Chips", for the fire, flushing her eyes and feeding her. Her burned paws were also being treated.

"She doesn't do too much as you saw on the table; her feet still hurt," Milham said.

Milham said they were optimistic Chips would regain her sight once her eye infection was cleared up.

Until she is old enough to care for herself, Milham said the kitten would be sheltered through the winter with other bobcats and then released into the wild where staff believes there is abundant prey for her.

"It feels good, the fireman was able to save it and now we'll do our job and hopefully one day, we'll see it running across the mountains," Milham said. (SOURCE)

VIDEO Baby bobcat rescued in Chips Fire

Responses to "Bobcat Kitten Rescued By Northern California Firefighters (Photos-Video)"

  1. Unknown says:

    Is the little one actually blind? If so, they should not release her, she will be killed in the wild.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Thanks, everyone, great job!

  3. Phoenix says:

    The article indicated that they think she will recover her sight once the infection heals. I am quite sure they would not release her if the blindness turned out to be permanent. In that case she would have a whole new future, perhaps as a feline ambassador, or in a place like Big Cat Rescue. One way or another little Chips is getting a new lease on life ;-)

  4. Healer says:

    There are always multiple siblings in litters. Hopefully, the rest went safety with Mom! That would mean a happy ending for all! Namaste

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