Do Dogs Laugh? Animals make laugh-like sounds when they are tickled or playing

For many years psychologists and behavioral biologists agreed that laughter was a unique emotional expression found only in humans. However, as the study of animal emotions expanded this idea was called into question.

The Nobel Prize winning ethnologist, Konrad Lorenz suggested that dogs are capable of laughing. He says that it is during play that dogs actually appear to laugh. In his book Man Meets Dog, Lorenz describes it this way:

" invitation to play always follows; here the slightly opened jaws which reveal the tongue, and the tilted angle of the mouth which stretches almost from ear to ear give a still stronger impression of laughing.

This ‘laughing' is most often seen in dogs playing with an adored master and which become so excited that they soon start panting". (Source)

Laughing is awesome. Laughing dogs? Nothing could be more happiness-inducing in the world. Start your week right with this hilarious compilation of dogs
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We've never seen a dog cackle before.(Image via Flickr)

Jack giggles when he 'helps' with the laundry. Heh heh.(Image via Flickr)

Baxter thought that last joke was pretty hilarious.(Image via Imgur)

You try being a dog and laughing with your eyes open.(Image via Flickr)

Sebastian is very ticklish.(Image via Flickr)

That moment when a laugh turns into a yawn.

Something must have tickled him.(Image via Flickr)

When Basil laughs he sticks out his tongue.(Image via Imgur)

When Basil laughs he sticks out his tongue.

Lobke needed a chuckle.(Image via Flickr)

Ricardo loves funny movies.(Image via Flickr)

This golden retriever is just happy about life.

Responses to "Dogs Who Can't Stop Giggling (Photos) "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most definitely, my hybrids show their emotions much the same way as humans.
    They put the biggest, goofiest, teeth and everything, smiles. My big male used to get "Lemon face" when I left for my shift with the FD. He was heart-broken and weeping from the impending loneliness and would hang his head, wrinkle his nose/face and droop like a wilted houseplant...all 160 pounds. My youngest cubs smile to flirt for goodies and I compliment them for "Smilers."
    As a Human I would advise other humans allow themselves to be more observant of fascinating similarities between humans and the animal kingdom.

  2. Unknown says:

    link to my kodabear laughing ~

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