Signs mocking Elizabeth Warren and Obama, created by a local business man in Hanson, Massachusetts, have sparked uproar across the world. (Courtesy @SueWinMA)

Robert Sullivan, 64, owner of Sullivans Inc., a motorcycle accessories distributor in Hanson, Massachusetts, has posted two signs outside his store featuring Elizabeth Warren in American Indian headdress with war paint on her face, reported

The signs state: “Elizabeth Warren is a joke. Princess Little Big Liar. Vote Scott Brown United States Senate,” criticizing the U.S. Senate candidate for her claimed Cherokee and Dakota heritage. Indian Country Today Media Network’s Rob Capriccioso has written extensively about Warren’s claim, including a story about the Senate debate.

“We’re $16 trillion dollars in debt and these politicians don’t seem to care and somebody’s got to pay the tab, right?” Sullivan told the local newspaper.

Sullivan is also the man behind controversial anti-Obama ads. On one placard, a young girl gives the middle finger to the President. The other displays President Obama’s photo beside the remarks: “Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot. Obama One Big Ass Mistake America, Vote Mitt Romney for 2012!”

Sullivan said he has received many phone calls from people across the country both praising and condemning his signs. People from as far away as the United Kingdom and Kenya have emailed him infuriated by his racist and sexist ads. “They call the signs obscene and I think the way the country’s being run is obscene,” Sullivan said.

Warren’s press secretary and Brown’s spokeswoman have both declined to comment on the signs to the press.

The signs, located at a busy and dangerous intersection, have been labeled a safety hazard. According to local Hanson officials, the signs violate town bylaws, and an Oct. 9 zoning laws hearing will address the issue, which could head to federal court, suggested.

“I don’t want it to go there,” Sullivan said. Nevertheless, Sullivan said he has no plans to take down the signs, which have cost him upwards of $2,000. Since the signs have been vandalized, he’s gone as far to place security cameras on trees near the signs that record 24 hours a day. The ad with the girl flipping off Obama has been stolen, but Sullivan quickly replaced it, chaining the new sign to a tree. Sullivan keeps three back-ups of each sign, he said.

The signs lampooning Warren are among the latest attacks on the Senate candidate for her claimed American Indian ancestry, echoing incumbent Sen. Scott Brown’s anti-Indian campaign rallies.

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Responses to "Local Anti-Elizabeth Warren Sign Ridicules Her as ‘Princess Little Big Liar’"

  1. Julie Snider says:

    This is blatantly mocking,it reminds me of those idiots that did the Lakota ad's with people wearing head dresses.
    I'm willing to forgive people who are ignorant, [we all can't know everything about other cultures] but he obviously used this as a denigration, and I feel he mocked our heritage in the process.
    He's still living in "Good'Ole boy territory. In Canada, this is considered a hate about the Detroit red skins......
    Shaganash...oooh. did I say that out loud?

  2. Did Sullivan even bother to spend the money on E.W. ancestral lineage like he did for the posts that mock her?..I bet not, We know this is not about credential's for Mr. Sullivan, it's about the HATE he hoard's inside his being..the world need's less people like this dangerous man.

  3. Hey "Sully", I'm voting for EW and Obama , no matter how many signs you post! So how do you like me know???????????

  4. Anonymous says:

    the blatant disrespect is sickening they or he needs to apologize

  5. pc 777 says:

    she needs to appologise for lying to the country she is no more a native than I'm the man on the moon .

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