Red Bear Singers at New Mexico State Fair Powwow 2012

It is day 10 of the New Mexico State Fair (NMSF) which runs until Sunday Sept. 23, 2012 at Albuquerque, N.M. The weather forecast for Friday Sept. 21 is sunny & ‘88’ degrees. The NMSF parking is free to the public & each day the gates open at 9 a.m. Admission into the fair is as follows - $10 Adults - $7 seniors 62 + - $7 Kids 11 & under - Free for Kids 5 & under.

Native American traditional dance will always be a big part of the American southwest. The ‘Indian Village’ at the NMSF provided us with a vast array of tribal dancers from the Pueblo, Hopi, Navajo & others. Each is a reminder of their deep cultural heritage that is still thriving in 2012.The annual ‘Contest Pow-wow’ is exciting for its’ own modern flavor of dance & drum competition. Tribal dances & native artist performances will continue in the village through to the end of the NMSF.

This is what’s happening in the Indian Village on Friday Sept, 21. It is ‘Science & Technology’ day as well as ‘Environment Appreciation’ day. There will be a ‘Jr. Livestock Auction’ - Master of Ceremonies is Boye Ladd Sr. - Justin Valencia will demonstrate his ‘Bow and Arrow’ making - 1 p.m. Ha’aheo Hawaii dancers - 2 p.m. Flute, Hoop dancer & singer Moontee Sinquah - 3 p.m. Flute & story teller Fabian Fontenelle - 4 p.m. Guitarist ‘Anettla Band’ - 5 p.m. Moontee Sinquah - 6 p.m. Fabian Fontenelle - 7 p.m. Moontee Sinquah - 9 p.m. Rock, reggae & blues band ‘JIR Project’

This is what’s happening in the Indian Village on Saturday Sept, 22. It will be ‘Hot Rod’s & Custom Cars’ day. There will be an autograph session at 1 p.m. with the ‘University of New Mexico’ men’s basketball team. It will take place on ‘Fountain Avenue of the Governors.’

Credits: New Mexico State Fair Facebook Page 

Boye Ladd Sr. will serve again as M.C. at the Indian Village. Geraldine Toya will demonstrate her ‘Jemez pottery’ making - 1 p.m. ‘Blue Eagle’ Dine’ Navajo dancers - 2 p.m. Tezcatlipoca Aztec dancers - 3 p.m. Flutist Adrian Wall - 4 p.m. ‘Blue Eagle’ Dine’ Navajo dancers - 5 p.m. Tezcatlipoca Aztec dancers - 6 p.m. Country, blues & rock band ‘Native Edge’ - 7 p.m. ‘Blue Eagle’ Dine’ Navajo dancers - 9 p.m. Country &western band ‘Night Breeze.’(Source)

VIDEO New Mexico State Fair Powwow

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