The New Mexico Council for American Indians (NMCAI) is a sponsor of the MINM pageant.

In a statement on their website the NMCAI says that their purpose is to - “To promote Native American traditions, cultures and higher education within the state of New Mexico and sponsor Miss Indian New Mexico.”

The NMCAI council members are - Wyndsor Yazzie as President - Tavish Brown as Vice President - Richelle Montoya as Secretary - Alice Leon as Treasure – Vivian Montoya as Pageant coordinator.

The NMCAI also says that their primary goals are to – “Promote positive relationships between Native American tribes and nations within the state of New Mexico and non-Indians. Increase the Miss Indian New Mexico scholarship awards and to award other scholarships to Native American students within the state of New Mexico.”

The MINM pageant began back in 1964 & each crowned winner has represented various Native American tribes. They include descendants from, the Navajo, Apache, Cheyenne, Pueblo, Hopi, Pawnee & Sioux. The reigning 2012 MINM is ‘Eveli Abeyta’ who is a Santo Domingo Pueblo. Richelle Montoya is now serving as the 2012 pageant director & Carleen Fernando will follow as the 2013 pageant director.

Photos by Matt Foster of Kim Jew Studios


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