Wolf Pack Targeted In Washington State (PETITIONS)

Few animals have had a more troubled relationship with humans over the years than gray wolves. Over decades of government-sanctioned eradication spurred by ranchers, the species had been virtually eliminated from the United States. In recent years, however, with heightened awareness of the importance of predators in an ecosystem, wolves have been allowed to slowly recover -- even garnering protection under the Endangered Species Act.

But what happens when a recouping pack of gray wolves make a meal of some livestock on public land? The government orders all of them to be shot on sight.

Bill McIrvine, owner of Diamond M Ranch in northern Washington, has a lease agreement with the state to graze his cattle on a plot of public forest. Yet when the rancher learned that the land was also inhabited by a pack of gray wolves, and that several of his cows had been killed by the endemic predators, he demanded that the government take lethal action.

And in a surprise ruling, harkening back to a darker time when wolves were dealt with unsympathetically at the behest of ranching interests, the government agreed to kill the pack.

According to KRISTV, the troubling cull was deemed necessary because the pack had become too dependent of livestock. The wolves' death sentence is likely to come as some relief to McIrvine, who in an earlier interview, said that he believed "radical environmental groups are conspiring to introduce wolves in order to force ranchers off public lands."

Not only will [McIrvine] be allowed to keep grazing his cattle on leased national forest land, but state sharpshooters took 3 days at taxpayers expense to kill the wolf pack.

Gray wolves were eliminated as a breeding species in Washington by the 1930s, but they have since migrated to Washington from Idaho, Oregon and British Columbia.

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Prior to decades of systematic hunting and poisoning of gray wolves, the iconic predator could be found in nearly every corner of the North America, from the northern wilds of Canada to as far south central Mexico. Only in the last several decades, thanks to federal and state Endangered Species protections, has the species begun to make a comeback. But sadly, so too it seems have the same tensions with humans.

Some Petitions About Washington Wolves

Justice for Washington Wolves Slaughtered by Poacher

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Responses to "Wolf Pack Given Death Sentence in Washington State (Video - Petitions)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is the beauty always being destroyed by the hands of humans??? They were here first let them remain.. Kathleen Roemer, Colorado

  2. Anonymous says:

    we are "supposed" to be the species "most intelligent" on earth...

    it just a shame we are the most "selfish" species as well...

    a wise man once said a long time ago: "when mankind will have destroyed his precious world, nature will find a way to make animals and trees living in peace again"...

  3. Anonymous says:

    How can people be so cruel. This is so very wrong.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you! Waste taxpayer and were on their territory on public grazing land...

  5. Anonymous says:

    It angers me that humans are so irresponsible and blame the wildlife for what comes natural to them....they hunt to eat and provide for their families, just as humans do. We chose to kill them for our own greed and selfishness. We are suppose to protect our wildlife not make them extinct. After all they are God's creation too!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Es increible que apesar que invadimos el ecosistema de los lobos y ahora ellos solo tengan unos cuantos espacios para vivir, seamos tan egoistas como para matarlos porque se comen un poco de ganado. Tenemos que entender que no estamos solos en este planeta.

  7. I find it so sad, that Western Culture, and it's way of linear thinking, see's every animal that is a predator, as a problem, with one solution= desecration. Yet, we (humans) are the ultimate proprietors of predatory and infringing activities. It is important to see that each living thing is part of intricate Eco system and the Circle of Life. Mother Earth and our Great Father made things they way are to work- each to equally respected. It is very sad that ways of doings things cannot find this the most important and inherit aspect of existence. It saddens my heart to read of this- I signed both petitions. I love wolves (my nickname used to be "wolf eyes". Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and again, beautifully written and presented.

  8. magic1058 says:

    this is bullshit!!! stop letting cattle use state and fed land!! make ranchers fence there land off! shoot those scum bags!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    trena schimdbauer. not to sure if this the right place to sign. but have. omg what doing to the wildlife. your moving into there place has anyone ever thought of that. we are taken the places from them.

  10. I am so sorry....and I just don't understand human....was this how God meant things to be?? Did he want man to think himself above any other living creature??...please, dear God, my Creator, make things right before it is to late....

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think for the same wacko reason the governement used, we need to kill off all the Political Action Committees (PACS and SUPERPACS)- since CONGRESS has become too dependent on them!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    the congress will do what they have to to get oboma a one tearm. is thIS what you want. no jobs ,no health care,no scholls, no food for the poor . the only free loaders is condress. if you love the land of the free, tell congress to work with the ( demecrats ), or we the people will vote them out office . we the people need to stop hating or we we lose ever thing. most of the u.s.a is christens. we need to be moor like JESUS CHRIST and stop hating some one you dont know. we was one nation under GOD. HATE PUT A WEDGE BE TWEEN THE PEOPLE. WE NEED TO SAY ( I LOVE EVER ONE ).

  13. About the wolves....there IS a way to save them, but it's expensive as hell. I had a vegetable garden once and I used a product called Pet Away to keep dogs out of the veggies. It works like a charm, and I BET IT WOULD WORK ON WOLVES TOO. That way you could keep them out of the herds. You could spray it on the ground by helicopter. Like I said, expensive. But IMHO, well worth it. Environmentalists, take note!

  14. Anonymous says:

    We have to start to save all the animals and their habitats as they have a very important place in life on this planet.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This says it all:

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