Charming scene captured at a lake in the far east of Russia

No baby likes a bath or shower, and this bear cub was particularly disgruntled at being soaked with freezing water when its mother shook her fur after a swim.

Returning from an unsuccessful salmon fishing trip at a Russian lake, the disappointed adult bear decided to give her brood an ice-cold shower.

She looks as though she is cheering herself up immensely by vigorously shaking out her fur all over her offspring.

The two unimpressed children try their best to roll out of the way of the chilly droplets flying all over them.

Their tiny paws are useless in the battle with their powerful mother, however.

Russian photographer Sergey Ivanov, 51, captured the charming scenes at Kuril Lake, in the far east of Russia, while on a photography holiday.

The amateur wildlife photographer has been interested in producing entrancing images of animals since he was a child.

He had been taking pictures at this beautiful lake for more than a month when he came across this fascinating moment.

Tumble dry: Mother bear gives her protesting infant a shower by shaking off her fur after a swim 

'It looked like she was giving one of her cubs a shower,' said a delighted Mr Ivanov.

'It was a really lovely scene to be able to watch.

'The fact that I had spent such a long time at the lake over the past month became a real advantage for taking the photos.

'It meant that the bears were used to me being there so I could take the photos without them taking much notice of me and changing their behaviour.

'I still had to be attentive and careful not to disturb them though so I made sure I kept my distance.'

No dinner today: The adult bear had just been on a unsuccessful fishing trip in the lake in far east Russia 

Schadenfreude:The older creature almost looks amused as the icy spray hits her cub, who tries in vain to push her off 

Bath then bed: The three bears have a lie-down after the watery family altercation

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