This pair of adorable prairie dogs appear to have a little kiss and a cuddle before going on to enjoy a slow dance together. (Photos)

The two animals shared a very human-like moment as they held each others' paws and appeared to kiss one another on the cheek.

One of the prairie dogs even lovingly closed her eyes whilst enjoying a cuddle with the other animal.

A separate shot captured five prairie dogs stood on top of a mound, staring inquisitively into the horizon.

The rodents - and also members of the squirrel family - are known to be very cautious animals and can often be seen surveying their surroundings.

The endearing pictures were snapped by Jan Pelcman, 29, an IT worker from Prague, while he was visiting Prague Zoo in Prague, Czech Republic.

Mr Pelcman says he visits the zoo quite often to take photographs of the animals but these were some of his best ever.

He said: 'I go to the zoo almost every weekend to take photographs, I'm always waiting to capture moments like this.

'The prairie dogs in my photos are about three to six years old and the two having a cuddle were definitely a pair.

'They often communicate by smelling to each other, but I've never seen tender behaviour like this before.

'The male prairie dog was checking his surroundings before the female approached him, touched his nose, gave him a kiss and a cuddle and then ran away.

'It definitely looked like the two of them were cuddling and having a dance, and I just think they were showing their care for each other.

'It was very cute and it really looked like human behaviour, and the moment only lasted for a few seconds so I was very lucky to capture it.'

Jan added: "These pictures are some of the best I have ever taken in my life, I was very excited and happy when I saw them for the first time. "They are also special because every time I look at them, they remind me of my girlfriend."

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