Dog tracks down ailing owner at hospital

Five years ago the Dolan family adopted a starving husky from an animal shelter. The family carefully nursed the dog back to health and named him Zander. The dog quickly become bonded to them and was like a son to them.

Just last week, John Dolan was hospitalized with a skin condition. Zander the husky took his absence took very hard and began to sulk and even crybecause he missed his owner so much. His wife tried to console the dog but to no avail.

Finally Zander, could take his owner's absence no more. Apparently he had decided he had to be with his owner. Zander escaped from the Bay Shore home and made his way to the Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center which was located more than 2 miles away.

The determined husky most likely went under the Robert Moses Parkway and across a busy four-lane road to get there. A hospital employee found the dog on the street outside of building where Mr.Dolan was being treated. The dog had never been there before and the couple feels that he most likely traced his owner's scent there. A few days later Zander tried to make a second visit but was found on his way to the hospital.

The Dolans say this all goes to prove that shelter dogs make wonderful and loyal companions and return the love many times over. October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog" month. If you are considering adding a new dog to your family, please make a shelter dog your choice.

VIDEO Dog Tracks Down Ailing Owner at Hospital

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  1. strong bond

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have 3 huskies and they are awesome!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would love to own another white wolf. He was awsome and he grew up with my grandchildren which was his pack. I love this wolf. I have been raised on a farm and I owned a dog all my life I had a dog to keep me company and have a companion of my own. He was a wonderful wolf. He also was the most Gentless animal I have ever been around. Yes he was mixed with Husky and white alaskan white wolf. He also had Timber wolf making him big. Kind, gentle, respectful are all the traits of my wolf. He is now gone from this physical world.

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