This hapless lion cub will think twice before monkeying around again.(Photos)

The youngster managed to become stranded precariously in the branches of a low-standing tree while playing with his siblings.

But he soon discovered that while he may have been nimble enough to get himself up there, getting down was an entirely more challenging prospect.

Amateur Russian photographer Alexey Tishchenko snapped the stranded lion in the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya.

He said: 'I was watching a pride of lion’s when all of a sudden the young cub leaped up into the tree and tried to balance on the branches.

'You could tell that as soon as he got himself stuck that he immediately regretted the decision to go climbing in the trees.

'It was as if he forgot he was a lion and thought he was a monkey instead.

'It was such a funny and unexpected sight to see the lion up in the tree.

'As soon as I started experimenting with photography, I knew that it was animal photography that I wanted to specialise in because animals can be so unpredictable and end up doing such funny things.'

Alexey, 41, spends his days heading up his cargo transportation business and his spare time behind the lens focusing on the natural world.

High and dry: This young lion cub managed to become entangled in the branches of a low standing tree while playing 

Tangled: Try as it might to wriggle free, the lion cub managed to become even more deeply entwined 

Hanging on: The cub discovered it was not quite nimble enough to follow his siblings up into the branches 

Wiggle room: The cub found a few branches to support he weight as he summoned more energy to struggle free from the tree in the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya

Responses to "Hapless lion cub's clumsy bid to climb out of a tree captured on camera"

  1. int eh fourth pic he's obviously saying, "S***!" and the fifth calling out "Mommaaaa!"

  2. Ruth says:

    Boys will be boys :)

  3. critterkaren says:

    Great photography!! Keep it up!! Loved the expressions!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    He's absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for this splendid sequence. I love them. Great great shots.
    By the way, he reminds me so much of my cat when he climbs up to a strange corner of the mansard roof and he is not able to come down. He gets upsets and start meowing wildly exactly like the lion here ... :) He has exactly the same facial expressions... After all, felines are felines, either domestic or wild, same family of species ...
    And we absolutely adore them all... :)

    Thanks again!

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