Best Friends assisting local rescue groups faced with protecting animals in harm’s way.

With Hurricane Sandy, one of the largest storms of the last 30 years, bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard, Best Friends is assisting local rescue groups faced with protecting animals in harm’s way and will be on call to help local authorities and national groups engaged in the effort.

Our work on Hurricane Sandy began late last week when Jamie Rubin, who heads up our work in New York, began communicating with and supplying information to NMHP Network partners and local rescue groups via our New York Face book page. We will continue to post and re-post information as it becomes available to help concerned animal welfare organizations throughout the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) for the duration of the storm.

Meanwhile, Best Friends has sent a small rescue team to the New York area. On arrival they will assess the situation on the ground and assist the National Animal Response and Sheltering Coalition, which will coordinate the work of animal rescue groups. Best Friends will be in contact with our NMHP Network partners and other local animal rescue groups who may need help.

We’ve also been in touch with the Mayor’s Alliance in New York City, New York City Animal Care and Control, and other local groups to learn of their disaster plans.

Sandy is a Category 1 hurricane (the highest is Category 5), but with winds today pushing 90 miles per hour, there is a chance that it could reach Category 2 later today. Weather experts, state and municipal governmental leaders and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are monitoring the storm’s progress, cautioning that the main concern of this particular storm will be its size, duration, heavy rains and storm surge that will produce considerable coastal flooding. With tropical storm-force winds out to 520 miles and hurricane-force winds out175 miles from its center Sandy is second only to Hurricane Olga in 2001.

As the situation develops, we will keep you informed as to just exactly what Best Friends’ will be doing to help animals in distress.

Top 5 Tips To Keep Pets Safe During Hurricane Sandy

 1) Prepare To Take Your Pets — Don’t leave your pets at home. If you’re planning to head to a Red Cross Shelter or hotel, remember that not all will take animals. Here’s a list of directories for finding a pet-friendly hotel from the ASPCA. Other options include a veterinary clinic, animal control shelter, or pet shelter.

2) Photos & IDs Please! — Keep a current photograph of your pet in case something happens to them during the storm. Identification in the form of a collar is also essential and will make it easier to locate them if they get lost.

3) Leash And Pet Carriers – Think about how exactly you will keep track of your pet during the storm, and how you will transport them should you decide to evacuate. A leash and/or pet carrier will ensure your animal doesn’t go astray.

Dog rescued from hurricane Sandy! Firemen are not only saving the people!

4) Bring Your Pet Inside — The last thing you want is to have to hunt for your pet on the brink of a hurricane. The National Hurricane Center suggests that owners calm and comfort pets inside well in advance of the actual storm.

5) What To Pack — The ASPCA recommends you pack five to seven days of pet food and water along with litter trays, litter and trash bags. Pet first aid kits might be a good idea, and remember their medications. If you are taking them to an animal shelter, you’ll need to bring all of the above and ensure your pet has its rabies tags, up to date immunization records and labelled supplies.

For more information, the American Red Cross has more about disaster preparedness and safety for pets.

VIDEO BARCS evacuates shelter animals, due to threat of flooding

Responses to " Hurricane Sandy: important steps to take to prepare for pet safety "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor dogs... I hope they all get claimed and it is awful how barbaric and heartless people can be, think only of themselves,. not a clue and no idea what to do... first sign of trouble my cats both in their boxes... even if I was struggling myself, still my first concern the animals as they are the most helpless and vulnerable.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We should think of them first!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this informative, and educational video. Very timely!

  4. Ruth says:

    I'm so sad but I hope they will all be safe. Animals are just as important as humans. These guys are doing a terrific job and I have nothing but admiration for them. Let's hope all sentient beings are safe from Hurricane Sandy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Always take your pet with you. They are part of your family.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please, Please, Never leave your pets behind.

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