Rescued, rehabbed, bald eagle soars back into wild

Maryjane Angelo her husband, Robert, run Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation in Venango County in Pennnsylvania. Located three miles from the Ohio border, they accept hundreds of injured and orphaned native wild animals a year. The animals range from birds to mammals to reptiles.

On Aug. 21, Maryjane received a call from a man who said his nephew was standing in the middle of a rural road, guarding a bald eagle that appeared to be injured. When she arrived at the spot where the eagle was, he was soaking wet from the rain, his feathers all in disarray. 5 teenage boys were standing around him in a circle in order to protect him. The boys were concerned about whether or not the eagle would be ok.

Both Maryjane and her vet the next day could not find any broken bones but the eagle did have bruises on his back and a gash on his thigh. After the vet stitched it up, he was sent back with Maryjane to the rehabilitation center to recover. It turned out that the eagle had been banded on Aug. 21, 1987 — 25 years to the day before his rescue.

After two weeks, the bird was flying perfectly and more than ready to go back to the wild. On Sept. 21, Maryjane and her husband took him to The Glades, an environmental area in Butler County, which was the location of his original nest. A group had gathered to send him off.

It was an emotional moment for Maryjane as she pinned his wings with her arms and held his feet, and for one quiet moment, the two of them were motionless, eye to eye. “Creator, take back my brother. Let him fly free for many years," said Maryjane, who is American Indian.

With that said she then launched him into the air where he spread his wings and flew off into the open sky. Ten minutes later he was still circling above the crowd as if to say thank you.

This male bald eagle was rescued by animal rehabber Maryjane Angelo after being injured. It has since been released back into the wild.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank You for saving Gods special bird!! I worked with birds of prey in Colorado...They are amazing birds of prey...They are incredible to watch...God Bless You Both!! Thomas

  2. Anonymous says:

    Made my eyes tear up! <3 God bless all involved in the rescue, rehab, and release!

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