Heroic rescue dog saves the life of a 9-week-old infant

A rescue dog is being called a hero after saving the life of a Portland, Conn., family's infant daughter.

The Brousseau family had already gone to bed on Sunday night when their dog, Duke, who was adopted nearly six years ago, jumped on their bed and began shaking uncontrollably. Duke's behavior immediately woke the couple up, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

"He is insanely obedient, so this was extremely bizarre," Jenna Brousseau told WFSB News.

Duke had never acted like this before, according to the Brousseaus, so they knew something had to be wrong. When they went into their 9-week-old daughter Harper's room to check on her, she wasn't breathing.

According to ABC, Jenna's husband immediatley called an ambulance. Baby Harper was then revived by paramedics, and taken to the hospital.

"If Duke hadn't been so scared, we would have just gone to sleep," Jenna Brousseau said of her heroic dog.

She added, "He's the perfect dog, he was meant, meant to be ours."

VIDEO Dog Helps Save 9-week-old Baby

A dog that was rescued 6 years ago and given a chance at a wonderful new life has returned the favour in the best way possible.

Responses to "Rescue Dog, Duke, Saves 9-Week-Old Baby From Dying (VIDEO) "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Duke is a wonderful part of the family. He is also very handsome. <3

  2. Lara says:

    this couple is lucky to have a dog that knew to wake the parents...when i was 3 months old i would have died of SIDS if not for the family dog, this child is very special :)

  3. Ruth says:

    Dogs are amazing creatures. They have an instinct for something not right. So pleased it had a happy outcome. May all beings be safe and happy :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    dog are a good thing to have in the family

  5. Anonymous says:

    what a great story!..hope to see and hear more of these heroic story with animals

  6. Anonymous says:

    awesome story, meant to b
    an angel

  7. Anonymous says:

    My grandfather's cat started lying on his chest when I was over at his house and a few hours later he had a heart attack. And my pittbull layed across my mother's lap for days when she was sitting on the couch and wouldn't leave her side before my mother died from cancer. And when i would cry about my mother passing away she would put her head on my shoulder until id stop, animals are amazing they know what's going to happen before we do and they can feel people's saddness too

  8. Anonymous says:

    Amazing story!Duke is an guardian angel!So thankful he was part of that family.And thanks to the family for adopting Duke.You folks saved him and this makes you angels too! ~Gail~

  9. Anonymous says:

    An ANGEL sent from Heaven

  10. Anonymous says:

    Our dog when I was 8 years old tried alerting my parents to my brother not breathing but they thought there was another dog in the garden. My brother was 8 and half months old and wasn't found in time. He passed away of SIDS in 1987 and not a minute goes by that I don't think about him. I am so pleased for this family that their baby was the first thing they checked because of their dogs actions. The pain of losing a sibling for me is still too hard to deal with. I could never Imagine losing one of my children.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Some angels have paws.

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