It is a violation of federal law to hunt on tribal lands without a properly issued permit. A permit to hunt wolves that is issued by the State of Minnesota does not allow a hunter to hunt or trap wolves on White Earth tribal lands, according to the news release.

WHITE EARTH RESERVATION, MINN. –The White Earth Reservation Tribal

Council recently issued a Proclamation providing for all lands within the exterior boundaries of the White Earth Reservation to be set-aside as a wolf sanctuary.

No hunting, trapping or possession of wolves is permitted within the exterior boundaries of the White Earth Reservation by any person, Indian or non-Indian, according to a news release from the tribe.

Additionally, the Tribal Executive Committee, the governing body of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, which compromises the White Earth, Leech

Lake, Mille Lacs, Fond du Lac, Bois Forte and Grand Portage Reservations, recently passed a resolution confirming the authority of each of the six constituent reservation governing bodies over the regulation of natural resources within their respective reservation boundaries.

The White Earth Nation has not independently determined that the wolf population on the White Earth Reservation has reached an optimum level that would permit a wolf hunt at this time.

The gray wolf was recently removed from the federal Endangered Species list, and the State of Minnesota has not engaged in any meaningful management plan before abruptly declaring a wolf hunt season in Minnesota; nor has the state engaged in any type of meaningful consultation with the White Earth Nation prior to declaring a wolf hunt season.

Accordingly, the White Earth Nation has determined that a sanctuary for wolves within the exterior boundaries of the White Earth Reservation is required in order to responsibly examine the factors that are necessary for

the preparation of a wolf management plan for the reservation.

It is a violation of federal law to hunt on tribal lands without a properly issued permit. A permit to hunt wolves that is issued by the State of Minnesota does not allow a hunter to hunt or trap wolves on White Earth tribal lands, according to the news release.

In related news, the Minnesota Supreme Court on Friday denied a petition for further review of a request for preliminary injunction to stop Minnesota’s wolf season.

DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr said in a news release that this action resolves any uncertainty that hunters and trappers might have had about the upcoming season, which begins Saturday, Nov 3.

The planned wolf hunting and trapping seasons will go as planned this fall and winter. The DNR has taken a conservative approach to the state’s first wolf season by establishing a total target harvest of 400 wolves and a mechanism to close seasons when target harvests are reached.

Landwehr said Minnesota has a robust population of about 3,000 wolves, and the season will not have any significant impact on the population.

Applicants not selected in this year’s early or late season wolf license lottery can purchase a surplus license on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at noon on Monday, Oct. 29, according to the Minnesota DNR.

There are 614 surplus licenses available for the early season, which begins Saturday, Nov. 3, and coincides firearms deer season in each of Minnesota’s three wolf hunting zones.

Any eligible hunter, regardless of whether he or she entered the wolf season lottery, may purchase a remaining early season license at noon on Thursday, Nov. 1.

The DNR allocated 3,600 wolf licenses for the early hunting season. The remaining 2,400 licenses are for the late season, which begins Saturday, Nov. 24, and concludes Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013. Trappers were allocated 600 of the late season licenses.

Surplus wolf licenses are available from any DNR license agent, online at or by telephone at 888-665-4236. Complete wolf hunting regulations are available online at

Hunters and trappers selected by lottery for the late season must buy their licenses by Thursday, Nov. 15.

Responses to "Tribal Council declares White Earth Reservation a wolf sanctuary"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have an idea! How about the Tribe issues hunting licenses for Wolf Hunters bearing licenses to hunt wolves issued by the State of Minnesota! Maybe that would be an incentive for those wolf hunters to stay off Tribal lands!
    Seriously, thanks so much for taking this heroic action of behalf of the wolves!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love you, White Earth Res!! Thank God and Creator!!!Bless you all!

  3. Anonymous says:

    leave the wolfs alone.thay are not killing you people so let them be

  4. Let Them Live in PEACE from Man.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for helping preserve such a majestic animal

  6. Anonymous says:

    Blessing to you and your tribe for respecting and protecting our wolf brothers/sisters!! I love the wolves so much, and the killing that has been going on saddens me and breaks my heart! our wolf kin need to survive and share in the their wisdom, families, and communities!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Praise Someone for Helping, Weve Lived Side By Side,First Idea is Slaughter, Not Moving Them, or Idea's, Always Kill First, Should Be the Last of All, Our Food's, Water, Air ??? Bird's Falling to Death, Douphin's 900 Wash Asore, 300 Seagul's, 300 sea Turtle's, No a Virus, Human Destruction.

  8. Anonymous says:

    god created all animals but i love wolves they are just gorgeous animals .my daughter has a wolf tattoo it is pretty.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love the Keepers of the land have come together to protect the wolves. So proud of your tribe, many blessings to you for this generous gesture of respect and love.

    Chief Ruth

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bless You and Thank You for giving the wolves a safe place! May The Great Spirit also watch over brother wolf! I Pray that mankind as a whole learns to respect Mother Earth and All Her Children... sigh... I won't hold my breath though as history shows that mankind mistakenly believes they were given the right to subdue the Earth instead of protecting it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As a Minnesotan, I can tell you how profoundly disappointed I am in our state for having a wolf hunting season. Our state has worked for decades to bring back this population and I can't believe that just 9 months after removal from the endangered species list the DNR has authorized a hunt. It's shameful. There are very few MN residents that want this hunt to take place. Thanks to the members of the White Earth Reservation for having the common sense and decency to leave these beautiful creatures to flourish on their lands. The rest of MN appreciates you standing up for the wolves!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Awesome, smart, beautiful animals. Thank you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sending love and peace to those who speak for the Wolves. May we all unite for the greater picture of these Beautiful, powerful and gentle creatures, for the wolves have family units the same as our Human ones.
    Lets look to the future of our planet and animals.
    I live in Australia but have alway felt a kindred spirit with these Majestic Animals.... Thank you for being their voice, so their songs a can be heard, and dance within in the souls of those who are their keepers and protectors
    Sylvie in Australia <3

  14. Sheila Vulcan says:

    Many blessings for your contribution to the preservation of these beautiful animals. I type this with tears in my eyes.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Do the Wolves really need to be hunted? Why not put them all in the Wolf Sanctuary an let them all live peacefully, why the need to hunt & kill them!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Heartfelt thanks for your decision - we are all brothers and sisters trying to preserve what is left of this beautiful planet and, in time, to restore it to its former harmonious glory.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am not a subscriber as of yet but I must thank the members of white earth for this tremendouse decision on their part and thank you for saving my brothers and sisters from the white mans guns. If they really want to hunt a wolf then lets make it even put the hunter in a box canyon or such with nothing but maybe a knife then turn loose a rabid wolf or maybe one theat feels his family is in danger or maybe a mother protecting her cubs and we see who survives. :-) The whole idea of shooting a animal like that with a gun is ludicrus thats like shooting a horse for gods sake just the destruction of something beautifull alone is a sin. Atleast if the counsil decides to issue permits at some point I hope they have the wisdom to only issue them to those that will honor the animals spirit once they have taken it and not just tack the pelt up on the wall as a trophy. I have raved long enough but I felt it needed to be said thank you letting rant. My mail addy is by the way

  18. Anonymous says:

    Good News.At last someone is doing the right thing.More power to your elbow.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for caring and protecting these beautiful intelligence wolfs

  20. Anonymous says:

    Thank you ,White Earth for saving these Beauitful animals, I live in the U.K. but i hate the through of animals being shot for pleasure no other reason so very brave of them . On behalf of the Wolves thank you again

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful news. Thank you White Earth Nation!

  22. Anonymous says:

    The wolves are such majestic animals! I am so glad that the Tribal Council declared the White Earth Reservation a wolf sanctuary!

  23. bob says:

    Thank you for your commitment to harmony!

  24. Anonymous says:


  25. Sonoma says:

    Thank You for protecting one of Earth Mothers most beautiful Children and our 1st most loyel friend. in Light and Love Sonoma

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for doing this for the wolf!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    what if we all got hunting licensees and then don't
    go hunting

  28. Anonymous says:

    thank you, White Earth Reservation Tribal Council, from all of us who love these majestic, beautiful animals.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank you,thank you,thank you. The beautiful,amazing, majestic Wolf needs all the help it can get. I love them so much, it breaks my heart to know that some horrible people want to kill them.

  30. Anonymous says:

    let mother nature take her course...

  31. Robert Cook says:

    Some may perish so that others may live..God will definately Punish those that Kill these wonderful Creatures--They were not meant by God to be Hunted like this--Only MAN has made that decision..They will PAY!! Thanks to all of the NDN Nations that are willing to Stand Up to the Politicans!!

  32. Deb Reis says:

    Wonderful news! Thank you for protecting these beautiful creatures!

  33. Lisa says:

    Thank you for choosing life for these wild wild friends!

  34. Unknown says:

    thank you seems far to small a word for what the white earth reservation has done. they are taking back their traditions, the animal spirits, the land they loved. I keep saying the same thing, I just don't understand how a few ranchers, yes, I know the nra has a lot of pull, but how on earth,and why are they going after the wolf, when most of the fault is theirs. they are the ones with brains, I thought. they just want to take over all the land left, and the wolf is on that land, and won't be pushed. the ranchers want to let their herds just free range, and not worry about watching them. the hunters will shoot anything that moves, if they can get away with it. we used to hate to see the city people come down for hunting season, because they would shoot at a dog. these hunters aren't even hunting on their land, or someone's land that they know, they are flying to a destination, hiring a guide, and being taken to where the prey is.........I wonder if they point their guns for them! this whole thing is so sick, management is one thing, extermination is another!

  35. Sandy says:

    Thank you for loving these beautiful animals that God but on this earth for us to enjoy and to live full lives. I always knew that the Native Americans would do whatever they could for the wolves. God bless your nation!

  36. Laurie says:

    Thank you for a wise decision.

  37. Roland Mikesel says:

    thank you white earth for protecting the wolf, they are magnificent animal and are my passion , I would live along side them anytime , if I could make a reservation here for them I would.

  38. Unknown says:

    Thank you. Bless the Tribal Council for the decision to protect the precious wolf. May the Great Spirit watch over you and protect you and the wolf prosper in peace and safety.

  39. hellen says:

    i'm from the Netherlands so maybe i just don't understand but why are there so many anonymous reactions??? isn't it allowed to speak your mind in america and bravo tribal council for such a wise decision

  40. Anonymous says:

    Yes leave the wolf in peace to live it's natural life

  41. Anonymous says:

    I also thank the tribe for this decision and hope this wisdom will influence the "not wise white leaders".

  42. Anonymous says:

    From Belgium I want to thank you a thousand times and I hope will succeed to keep your territory safe.

  43. Traeh79 says:

    How can Landwehr say that it "WON'T have a significant impact on the population."
    Has he heard of "Wolf Packs?" These people who run the DNR in various states are a bunch of idiots. He is @ best a village idiot (Landwehr)
    THANK YOU to the White Earth Reservation for protecting our wolves. This makes me very happy.

  44. So AMAZING!! Thank YOU for being Peaceful Protectors of the Wolf Beings!! May they thrive on your Beautiful Tribal Lands. hiy hiy

  45. Anonymous says:

    Let them live wild and free. Thank you White Earth Reservation for keeping them safe. May the spirits be kind to you.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I am very happy to hear of the decision of White Earth Reservation. There is not justifiable reason to kill the wolves. Are they killing the farmers livestock or people? After all the efforts of having put them on the endangered animal's list for so makes no sense. I send you blessings for your good works. Deacon Joseph Pasquella

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hunt the hunters, that'll stop them.

  48. Glow11 says:

    You are doing Gods work by protecting these wonderful animals . Thank you so much.

  49. Unknown says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  50. Anonymous says:

    If DNR feels the population is too large for the area involved, why not capture and relocate into wilderness areas where wolves use to be a native species but no longer exist? Too reasonable and humane? (Sorry, I just couldn't help the sarcasm in this situation.)

  51. Unknown says:

    Bless you for leading a way of peace for all. Run for world government, I will vote for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  52. Merrilee Weber says:

    Can you please send me a telephone number that I can get a card saying I'm a registered tribe member. 2 of my sisters have one but I've been unable to get one. Numbers aren't answered. I would like to know more about my ancestors. Thank you.

  53. Kay Omah says:

    Blessings and gratitude to the White Earth Reservation Council and Tribal Members for issuing this proclamation on behalf of the wolves. They are a part of our heritage and fought their way back once from the threat of extinction.
    It is a shameful disgrace that the State of Minnesota is calling this management of any form, and nothing about it speaks of responsible management. It has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with who was bought and paid for and political jurisdictions and authority being grossly abused. This is not the kind of leadership and forward thinking we need from government officials. It is more of the corruption of the past. We have to be better, and those that represent us even more so. I personally want to know that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will inherit a world where the wolf has not joined the ranks of so many others that have been irresponsibly exterminated in the name of arrogance, greed, and most importantly...a complete lack of respect for one of God's noble creations. YOU do not have the right to deprive me or my grandchildren of having this relative in our world! You do not! The wolf is a spiritual embodiment of my chosen religion, it is one of my spiritual guides and as such in THIS country you/this government are bound by laws to protect them as part that spiritual/religious freedom act. You are morally bound to protect them as part of humanity who are stewards of this world. You are ethically bound to protect them because of your position as a duly elected officials of "the People". People of Minnesota look hard at those that are representing you. They are not the leadership that is needed for our world to go forward in a better way for our children and preserving their world!


  55. dlinnane says:

    As always, the wisest of men is in the minority. It takes a wise nation to step up in times of necessity. Thanks to the Whole Earth Reservation Council for standing against those who don't appreciate the natural balance of nature.

  56. Louise says:

    Thank you for taking care of the wolves. Bless you all....

  57. Unknown says:

    Thank you for caring about the wolves. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the wolf hunting licenses could be bought and then burned instead being used for harm? Perhaps with no monetary reason left to them, the wolf hunters would find something else to do.

  58. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe the comments from people on air they're gorgeous animals they're so pretty one of them even said they meant cool tattoos how shallow can somebody possibly get not one mention of the pack mentality not one mention of the love it has to put another wolf before himself not one mention about being a pack animal that would sacrifice his own life for his brother sister mother or father these are people it do not understand pack life and it's very disrespectful to the wolf-

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