After three years of living in the carport of his family's empty home, an abandoned Chow Chow mix has a new home.

Named Chen, the loyal dog was left to fend for himself, but he refused to leave the place he knew as home.

For three years the dog scrounged for garbage to survive. Sometimes people tried to drive him off with rocks or chase him away. Finally, word got to Lise Renstrom of Chap's Chow Rescue.

When she learned of Chen's predicament she came to help.

"He absolutely would not leave that house," said Lise. "In the middle of the day he would go run and get scraps of food.

There was a Kroger and he would pull scraps out of the trash. He was waiting and waiting for his people to come home."

Lisa slowly gained Chen's trust with food and a gentle voice and was able to get hold of him one day.

Posting his information up on the Internet, a man hundreds of miles away in Ohio responded.

Ben Rupp had recently lost his 13-year-old beloved Chow mix Goldie. When he saw Chen's photo and read his story he knew he had to adopt him.

Soon after, he booked a private plane and Chen was on his way to his new life. Although sad to see Chen go, Lise was happy knowing Chen had a new home.

"He deserves all the happiness" said Lise. (SOURCE)


Responses to "Abandoned Chow Chow who waited 3 years for owners finally gets new loving home (Video)"

  1. it resembles my own pet whom i recently lost

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many blessings to all who rescued this fellow being...That which we give is returned to us a thousand fold...especially kindness to animals, children and the elderly....

  3. falkirk says:

    Great news

  4. Angela says:

    why aren't the jackasses who abandoned him being charged, can't be hard to find who used to live there.

    Glad that sweet baby has a loving owner

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