Sit, heel... now jump 6ft in the air and spin! The leaping dog who may be a world record breaker

He's named after one of Santa's flying reindeer – and Blitzen the collie is certainly living up to his billing.

Putting a new spin on 'walkies', the four-year-old rescue dog appears to be soaring through the air as he leaps and twists athletically in the water.

Owner Stacy Clark, 44, says he reaches 6ft – topping the 5ft 8in world record for a canine jump.

'He hasn't been trained to do it,' said the mother of two, of Marykirk in Aberdeenshire. 'It's entirely his thing.

'The children splash water in the air and he just loves to try to catch it.

‘We call it his dancing. People will stop and stare when he’s doing his leaps. It’s what he does all day long, he loves water and he loves playing with the kids.

‘We would be amazed if he had broken a record. To us, he’s just a lovely dog and very much part of the family now.’

These amazing pictures were taken  as the family enjoyed a holiday at Loch Morlich in the Cairngorms.

The Guinness World Record for the highest dog jump is 5.8 feet, achieved by a greyhound in 2006.

The dog, named Cinderella May a Holly Grey, made his great leap at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals in Missouri, USA.

Guinness World Records said Blitzen would need to repeat his feat before an adjudicator to earn the world record.

But for now, he is enjoying his month-long holiday in Loch Morlich with Mrs Clark and her husband Austin, 44, from Marykirk in Aberdeenshire, and their children, Mitchell, 11, and Kendra, 9.

Blitzen was adopted by the family after being rescued from a life on the streets with a homeless man, who was no longer able to care for him.

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    What a heartwarming story. Its great to see a pup so happy.

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    Love to see a happy dog

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    He really looks like the picture of happiness... so beautiful ...

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    One happy dog, thank you for sharing this.

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    Just a wonderful story. thank you

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    I'm glad they rescued the dog but what happened to the homeless human owner?

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    Beautiful ALL animals shud be FREE & HAPPY with loving owners obviously:-)

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    He looks so happy! And good for them for choosing a rescue dog!!

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    What an incredible happy & grateful dog!

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    He's a sheer joy to watch! He's an entertainer!

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    so amazing and happy dog!

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    So cool love it.

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    He Sure Is A Great Jumper And I Can see He Loves Children! So Happy He Was Adopted!

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