Jana Mashonee performs her song, "The Enlightened Time," from her Grammy nominated album 'American Indian Story.'

There are some styles, genres if you will, of music that reach for that intangible part of you and holds it within its powerful grasp as the measures progress and the sounds that comprise it resonate throughout your body. In short, it touches you on a psychological, emotional, and visceral level, electrifies your soul. Such musical power imbues the traditional and neo-traditional music of Native Americans. On Wednesday evening at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) in Conway, S. C., Grammy-nominated Jana Mashonee shared with her audience that power.

Mashonee was the headliner for the annual Native American Celebration at CCU.

Her music crosses several genres -- rock, pop, R&B, soul -- but much of it has Native American undertones. Some of her catalog, especially her early work, is more traditional. All of it is captivating...

How does she describe her music? Mashonee told the Sun News, "The music that I perform is an amalgamation of different styles, R&B, pop, soul, mixed with traditional Native instrumentation such as Native flutes, bells, and Native drums. I do not solely perform traditional Native music, which is usually just voice, flutes, and drums with other Native instrument accents. My previous albums, “American Indian Story” and “American Indian Christmas” are very traditional. … But my current album is more contemporary. I pride myself in being able to be influenced musically by many other cultures and styles of music. It is my mission to break down the stereotype that all Native musicians perform just pow wow style music. There are a lot of Native musicians out there today who are performing hip hop, country, and blues but put their Native twist on it."

According to, the gifted singer is of Lumbee and Tuscarora lineage, a native of North Carolina. She is not only an award-winning singer and songwriter, she is also an actress and an author. She has won seven Native American Music Awards (Nammys) and been nominated for two Grammys. The videos for her songs "The Enlightened Time" and "A Change Is Gonna Come" won several awards, including a couple at film festivals. She co-authored “American Indian Story: The Adventures of Sha’kona,” a 2010 novel based on her 2006 concept album, the Grammy-nominated American Indian Story. More recently, she appeared in the movie "Raptor Ranch," which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this year.

She has performed before two presidents and their wives, the Obamas and the Bushes.

Busy as her career has kept her, Mashonee also finds time to give back. She is the founder of Jana's Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides academic scholarships to Native American students.

The singer pushes for a positive message.

"My mission is to spread positivity through my music," she told Sun News, "no matter what language or style I sing in. It has been my passion for a good part of my life, and I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to do just that. Through my Jana’s Kids Foundation, which helps provide scholarships to Native and Aboriginal youth throughout North America, I encourage kids to know these things: 'If you don’t know who you are or where you’re coming from, then you don’t know where you’re going. Stay on the path of life that is true to who you are and who you want to be. Knowing this, all things are possible.'”

Jana Mashonee at CCU in South Carolina Wednesday

And when you hear her sing, you believe it.

For those who missed the concert at Coastal Carolina University Wednesday evening, check out Jana Mashonee's official YouTube channel. For more information about the singer and her music, go to her Facebook page or her official website at

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VIDEO Jana Mashonee - The Enlightened Time

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    Thank you for all the work that it took to make this video. i do enjoy this, have shared this clip. Do not want these ideas to be forgotten.


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    I'm a Native and Taino Indian From Puerto Rico!!! I Gives Me Great Honor... and Pride... To See Such a Beautiful Indian Young Lady... With Such A Wonderful Talent... A Great Representative For All People!!! I Pray For More Continued Success For You... Jana Mashonee!!! You Are A Gifted Blessing!!! Love You!!! God Bless You... And All Your Dearly Loved Ones... Today and Always!!! Much Love and Huggs!!! Indio Taino Ruiz Tiao!!!

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    Beautiful talent. Thank you for sharing your song.

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    We ARE ALL ONE TRIBE <3 Love and Light my fellow brothers and sisters <3

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    Both beautiful and powerful. Thank you


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    She touches people with her music and always reaches out to her fans in a loving and positive manner...

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    Absolutely beautiful music!!!!! I wish I had known you were at CCU I would of love to have seen your performance!!!!!

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    Your voice is so BEAUITFUL. Would love to hear more of your voice.. IT relaxed my soul, mind and moved my heart.. Thank you it lifted me up high. Can't thank you enough..

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