Never underestimate the power of networking and never believe that your efforts are not enough.

Recently, two hunters who were in the mountains of Colorado, spotted an unusual sight - a bridled horse without a rider, who was hanging out with a herd of elk.

It was evident that the horse was alone in the wilderness, but why he was there was a mystery.

After scouting the area, the men discovered where the horse had been taking shelter. A rock alcove near some trees had been the bridled horse's refuge from the elements.

Unfortunately, the men had no way to get the horse safely off of the mountain. They left the mountainous area and returned home.

After returning home, the men shared a photo of the stranded horse with a family member who was deeply touched by what she saw.

Upon seeing the photo, and realizing that the snow would soon descend upon the Colorado mountain, the woman set out to find a way for the horse to be rescued, even though she was hundreds of miles away.

Through heavy Facebook networking, the woman was eventually put in touch with a man in Colorado who spoke to another person who discovered that this horse had been lost by people who were camping back in September.

Eventually, with the help of a police report which had been filed after the horse disappeared, the horse's owner was tracked down and contacted.

The men who initially spotted the lone horse sent the owner a Google map of the area in order to help him find the exact location where the horse was last seen.

The man then drove 200 miles, in the snow, with another horse in tow, to reach the horse who was still stranded in the mountains.

The woman who helped start the Facebook networking effort to save this horse's life shared the following about what happened next:

He called its name and it came right to him. My brother got the call that he was saved. We don't even know the horses real name. I bet the owner doesn't even know that he had a Facebook following. With just a little effort we changed the out come of this beautiful animals life. I am so happy to have been part of it. Its so important not to look the other way!

Never underestimate the power of networking and never believe that your efforts are not enough.

Responses to "Horse lost by campers is reunited with owner weeks later"

  1. kadi spicer says:

    It's great to hear some good news about an animal for a change. I hope the horse has a happy life with it's owners

  2. Sheila says:

    Networking is such a Fantastic part of life now. And these peoples efforts brought forth a wonderful outcome.

    There is another Horse missing in Washington State. And there has been a massive amount of networking done to try and help find her. But more is needed. Please pass this FB Community link on to those who might be in the Area and spot this Filly.

  3. Beautiful- and Sheila, I visited the page for the lost horse, and forwarded it on after posting it to my wall too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is nice to hear real storys like this...

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