Video-Photos : Manito Ahbee 2012 International Competition Pow Wow Grand Entry

More than 1500 people sang and danced to the beat of their own drum Sunday.

An international pow wow competition kicked off the last day of the Manito Ahbee festival and Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards at MTS Centre.

The week long event hosted numerous events around the city.

Sunday’s wrap included groups from all over the world competing in a celebration of traditional song and dance.

Organizers said the event always brings out a lot of emotion.

“I cry all the time because one, we know our history but it's such an incredible celebration and to see the grand entry with all of the dancers is so amazing,” said Sharon Redsky, Manito Ahbee board member.

“We have grandmothers that are out there dancing, whole families and then the little kids. It’s just adorable.

The pow wow competition is being streamed online. Click here to watch it live.

VIDEO Manito Ahbee 2012 International Competition Pow Wow

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