Lost Dogs of Superstorm Sandy (Video)

Hurricane Sandy ravished the East Coast of the U.S. on Oct. 29th. Many people have suffered great loss because of this devastating storm. But people were not the only victims of this storm. Fortunately, unlike the tragedy with hurricane Katrina, many people were able to take the pets when evacuating this time and many shelters allowed pets to come with them. But pets and animals were still caught up in the destruction of the storm and many were displaced.

To come to their rescue, many local and national organizations have created several programs to reunite Sandy victims with their beloved pets. The following organizations are some of those who have stepped up to help.

Facebook’s Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets was created to post pictures of lost or found animals in the affected Northeastern regions.

The Red Paw Relief Team of Philadelphia is also using their Facebook page to share information about displaced animals in the area.

Twitter’s #SandyPets is helping by posting up to date tweets from rescue organizations and shelters like the Humane Society and Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) on how to volunteer and help.

New York City’s Humane Society has set up a hotline for anyone that were forced to leave their animals behind. Anyone needing to report can call 347-573-1561.

The ASPCA of New York has helped by sending field work teams to several areas affected by the storm.

VIDEO Hurricane Sandy: ASPCA Reunites Pets With Their Families

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