Native American Heritage Month Events

On Saturday, November 3, from 12-4 pm, join a free, family-friendly celebration of Native American culture, dancing and singing at the third annual Native American Heritage Month Celebration at Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach. The event takes place during on the first Saturday in November, which is Native American Heritage Month.

The Native American drum Full Circle Singers and singers and dancers will be in full regalia and in celebration mode to honor Native American Heritage Month. Additionally, certified animal handlers Jimmy and Pearl Beams will be bringing live red-tailed hawks, which have been a true element of excitement for attendees in previous years.

The event has been growing in popularity in the past years much to the appreciation of Vincent Schilling, Indian Country Today Media Network correspondent and Executive Vice-President of Schilling Media, Inc.

Schilling, who is St. Regis Mohawk, commented on this year’s event. “Many people do not realize that there are over 45,000 people of Native American descent living in Virginia, and that we are alive and well.”

“This event is to show fellow members of our community that there is a rich and vibrant Native culture here in Hampton Roads– and what better way than to honor than with a celebration of culture during Native American Heritage Month,” said Schilling.

Brad Scott, CEO and President of Cetan Corp, a Native American-owned business software company ranked as the number 1 Native American entrepreneur by Inc. Magazine in 2011, says “Cetan Corp appreciates this opportunity to support our regions Native American community. We are proud to support this event wholeheartedly.”

Susie Wentworth, Marketing Director at Pembroke Mall also expressed appreciation. “We at Pembroke Mall are pleased and honored to have an event which celebrates the contributions of our Nation’s first people during November, Native American Heritage Month.”

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