Surprise: Xiao Zeng, from the crocodile garden in China, said it was the first time he had witnessed two of the creatures hatch from the same egg

This cute double act made a surprise appearance at a crocodile farm in China, where staff were amazed to see two tiny heads rather than one emerging from a hatching egg.

The twin crocodiles were born from one of 100 eggs at the farm in Xiamen in south east China's Fujian Province.

Keeper Xiao Zeng said: 'I have witnessed the birth of thousands of baby crocodiles, but it's the first time for me to see two crocodiles in one egg.'

The new arrivals' father is a 42-year-old croc from Thailand, who is responsible for 100 crocodile eggs laid by six different mothers at the farm. Some of the eggs are still yet to hatch.

While the newborn twins look endearing now, some species of crocodile can grow to over 15ft long, and weigh well over 1,200kg.

The most commonly farmed species are Nile crocodiles and the saltwater crocodile - the largest of all living reptiles.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    At this stage they resemble lizards. Dangerous creatures but nevertheless they have a place in the world and are still amazing works of art.

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