Brother's pride: Baby lion puts a paw around his sibling to play... but the cub is no mood for fun and pushes him away

Everyone needs a bit of 'alone time' - even if you're a baby lion living in the middle of the African savannah.

And a photographer caught the moment a cub's quiet contemplation was rudely interrupted by his playful sibling.

The baby lion was enjoying some piece and quiet when his brother sneaked up behind and wrapped a front leg around his back.

However the little lion was in no mood for fun and games and performed a swift body swerve to sidestep the other cub's attentions.

Amateur photographer Serhat Demiroglu captured the moment early in the morning in the Masai Mara, Kenya.

Dr Demiroglu, from Bodrum in Turkey, said: 'I think the lion cub just wanted to be alone.

'The other cub soon got the hint and wandered off.

'It was just after sunrise and the cub had been enjoying the view.

'I was after these cubs for three days. It was very interesting seeing that these two were behaving like buddies.

'When one of them puts the 'arm' around the other it is almost as if they have feelings like humans do.

'Then when the other cub escapes the embrace I felt like they had a sense of humour.

'They are the cutest animals I have ever seen.'(Source)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the last pic "I see you photographer." lol

  2. Kadi says:

    They are just so beautiful. Live long & in peace sweethearts.

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