SE: EU cuts the plans for wolf hunting

 If the European Commission has it's way in 2013, there will be no hunting of wolves in Sweden again this winter. EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik recently expressed strong criticism against the Swedish management plan for their wolves.

In his letter, Potocnik wrote that the Swedish wolf plan failed to explain how the wolf population will reach favorable conservation status. He goes onto to urge the government to maintain the current prohibition on hunting as they had in the winter of 2012.

He concludes his letter to the Swedish Environment Minister by saying that “a new hunt would not be in line with Sweden’s obligations under EU Species and Habitats directive.”

Swedish Environment Minister,Lena Ek, however is in complete disagreement with Janez Potocnik's directive and has stated that she is upset with the content of his letter. Ek expressed that she had hopes of a limited wolf hunt again this winter. “I am extremely angry. We have tried to find a balance between conservation interests and the frustration that people feel in wolf areas, but the Commission acts solely on conservation interests”, says Ek.

Lena Ek has now asked the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to analyze the letter to see how to proceed as she still hopes to obtain a green light for a hunt in the winter of 2013. However if Sweden would allow a hunt to happen, without the EU’s approval, the risk is obvious that Sweden would be brought before the EU courts.

Backing up the EU decision, Ann Dahlerus, Secretary General of the Swedish predators Association, says she can not see any reason to launch a wolf hunting in the winter. “The Carnivore Association was one of the organizations that made the report to the European Commission. The reason was that there is no opportunity to appeal the decision in a court regarding hunting in Sweden”, she says.

She goes on to say that Ek and the Centre Party are out to get votes from "the people who are most negative about wolves in the country”. Actually, it’s pretty sad that the EU Commission should have to go in and fix up this policy in Sweden and that the Swedish politicians can not achieve a wolf policy that is sustainable and sensible."

Responses to "European Union tells Sweden - No Wolf Hunt in Winter of 2013"

  1. Carina E says:

    Couldn't be happier!! A great victory for the wolves in Sweden and also a great reminder of how important it is to be strong - together!!!! I'm doing a victory dance as I write this.

  2. Good. There shouldn't be any hunting. If only we could get America to behave this way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like there are people in Sweden that are attempting conservation and protection of wolves. I sincerely wish that we had a governing body like this in British Columbia, unfortunately the BC liberals are proposing a wolf cull When scientists and bioligists are saying this is a bad decision that should not take place simply based on pressure from special interest groups like ranchers, hunting guides, and anti wolf lobbyists who have a narrow minded agenda. Wolves are important to our eco system and to the wild spirits in our hearts and in our wilderness.When the howl of the wolf is silenced a part of our soul will die and we will be less as a human race. Steve Harding

  4. What does this woman know about hunting and conservation? Wolves and other predators are a necessary part of any eco system to maintain balance. The most destructive animal on the planet is the human race. Animals kill for survival. Man kills for sport. Big difference!

  5. Kadi says:

    That woman is only trying to get votes, she couldn't care less about the enviroment & nature. Thank goodness the E.U. has told Sweden to back off & leave the beautiful Wolves alone. If the stupid woman wants to take on the E.U. i think she can kiss her political life goodbye -i hope.

  6. Mihai says:

    Finally some good news.This was a terrible day.May all Wolves have a long life!

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