The “long silent war drums” of First Nations people will pound again if Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence dies from her hunger strike, says the head of Manitoba’s largest chiefs organization.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Chief Derek Nepinak issued the statement Sunday, the same day Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo released an open letter calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Gov. Gen. David Johnston to agree to Spence’s demand and meet with First Nations leaders to discuss the treaties.

Spence is into her sixth day of a hunger strike and she’s spending her days and nights in a teepee on Victoria Island which sits in the Ottawa River and in the shadow of the Supreme Court of Canada and Parliament Hill. Temperatures in Ottawa hovered between -6C and -10C over the weekend.

Spence says she won’t end her hunger strike until Harper and Johnston, as the representative of Queen Elizabeth II, meet with First Nations leaders to discuss the treaty relationship.

Treaties were signed between the reigning Monarchs over Canada, including Queen Victoria, Edward II and King George V, and First Nations people allowing for the settlement of Canadian territory. The last of the treaties, Treaty 11, was signed in 1921 after oil was discovered in near Fort Norman, in the Northwest Territories.

“If this prime minister fails to meet the conditions and this powerful Attawapiskat chief passes, the long silent war drums of our people must ring loudly in the ears of everyone,” said Nepinak, who was one of four chiefs who tried to enter the House of Commons chamber two weeks ago only to be pushed back by Parliament Hill guards.

The Prime Minister’s Office and the Governor General’s office did not return requests for comment as of this article’s posting Sunday.

APTN National News reported Friday that the AFN has discussed a possible meeting involving Harper with the PMO. The PMO denied there were any negotiations.

Harper and Johnston attended last January’s Crown-First Nations gathering with First Nations leaders across the country. Many chiefs feel that the so-called “historic” gathering accomplished nothing and instead the Harper government pushed through legislation impacting treaty and Aboriginal rights along with the Indian Act without any consultation.

“We seek an immediate commitment to a meeting with (Johnston) as the representative of the Crown, together with (Harper), to demonstrate respect and attention to the priorities set by First Nations,” wrote Alteo. “All First Nations across Canada stand united and in solidarity in advancing this urgent call for action and attention.”

Anishinabek Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee also wrote a letter Sunday to Harper urging him to meet Spence’s request.

“It would be disgraceful to Canada and the Canadian citizens your office represents if Chief Spence falls ill during her dire plea for democracy,” wrote Madahbee, who also tried to enter the House of Commons chamber along with Nepinak. “In fact, many view your lack of response over the past six days to be incomprehensible considering Chief Spence has stated that she is willing to die for this cause.”

Chiefs and First Nations people from across Canada, many travelling on buses, are converging in Ottawa this week for a Friday rally as part of the Idle No More movement that has swept the country through rallies and blockades.

The movement began as a protest against Bill C-45, the Harper government’s omnibus bill. The bill passed the Senate last Friday, but Idle No More continues. (SOURCE)

VIDEO Canadian Call to Action- Hunger Strike!

Responses to "First Nations “war drums” will “ring loudly” if Attawapiskat Chief Spence dies"

  1. Martimer says:

    We're behind you Chief Spence!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Unknown says:

    We are with you,we stand beside you,support through it all!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sick of all this - when will it stop? Will you ever get enough? How many generations will it take to make you realize you lost the war but never stop getting paid?

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Jody says:

    Hey Anonymous! What exactly is it we get paid for? Cause i dont get any money from the government! I work everyday and pay taxes just like you! actually scratch that i get 5 whole dollars a year from my band in treaty money, but never pick it up as the 7 hour drive to my reserve is way more than 5 dollars. So what exactly is it you think we get paid for? and $$ wise? is very Ridiculous accusation to make! F.Y.I harpers bill that is being passed takes away water protection of 2.5 million lakes and rivers in canada! So he can sell out our oil to China and the rest of the Greedy Money makers! Maybe you should read or listen to the Bill C-45 plan before you judge first nations!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous: it is quite obvious that you are uneducated, ignorant, and misinformed. Had you actually listened or attended your history class you would be aware that there never was a war and that is why Canada has Treaties. The European's that moved into our country knew very well that the First Nations would kick their lily white asses in any confrontation and so they decided to make a deal.... They are called Treaties and are supposed to be legally binding. Don't worry though cause we are going to barge into your white houses take them over and make you live in a closet in the basement while we eat all your food, rape and beat your kids, and tell them there is no God. Oh and you can't leave your closet to get a job Or look for foodunless you have a pass

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who cares. Sick and tired of hearing natives want this, natives want that.. we don't get enough.. gimme gimme gimme. What about Canadians born in Canada? Stop expecting to get paid on your ancestors suffering. None of you have any clue what it's like to be an Indian living out in nature. You'd probably have withdrawals being away from your beer stores and big screen TV's for more than a day if asked to live like your fathers father. Bet you couldn't even run 25 feet without getting out of breath. You're just a bunch of spoiled Canadians with Native blood in you wanting more than you deserve. Mass greed. You want it for free. I'm Native, so give it to me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My father fought in WWII, BRAVELY. All his brothers did too, to keep this land away from invading armies.
    He never got nothing special for it. Except a pat on the back and a life in the Legion. 8 of them fought bravely, front lines, heavy war. in the thick. What makes you think any of them got special treatment later? Free land? Money?
    What makes you think because you're Native, you should?!
    Eat shit and die.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think the idea that modern western society is more civilized than indigenous cultures is, save for a handful of technologies, largely mythical. My dream is that we can make peace with the indigenous peoples, curb our unsustainable out-of-control consumption and make peace with our brothers and sisters, treading more lightly and living with greater respect and humility for the abundant world we all belong to.

  11. Andi says:

    To All the people who do not seem to understand why Natives want THEIR LAND is because it is OURS to begin with. You being born here doesn't matter in this. You thinking because you also have had someone that served in wars has nothing to do with this. This has to do with Native people want what was promised to us. Letting a Governments not up hold pass treaties is one of the things that have set us back as people. We continue to loose land and civil rights. Natives in the pass have been told where we can live, If and when we can practice our faiths. We have to be enrolled, have a card and prove who we are. How is this Ok??? How is this fair?? and You want to try and shut down a movement to make the public more aware of whats happing to the Native community. I'm Native I Work hard, I'm in school, I care about my people. We will fight for what is ours,we will fight for what is right and should be done. If you can not understand this Then your one of two things. Not a Human being capable of a rational thought or A Native. By the way I think may be we should get some flags and start marching up on plots of land we like and say "We live here now this is ours, In the Name of all that have died for this Land" Then make a piece of paper saying you can have it back someday, then ripping it up in their faces. Got it now?!

  12. Keith from North Western Ontario says:

    The Natives in Canada get such a free ride, Almost anything they want they get. I live in North Western Ontario and near many reserves. And they all disgust me. They tear apart their own houses in the winter for fire wood because the Canadian gov, will give them money to rebuild. Northern reserves that Get money for each person that lives on the reserve some of them only have 4 to 5 people living at them and they report they have 70-100 people to get money from the Gov. They go hunting and if they don't like where and animal falls (swaps too hard to get the dead animal out of) they will just go shoot another. I lived all my Life seeing Natives do this and it disgusts me. My Greatgrandmother and mother were natives so you can't say that it is just a whiteman being racist. I wish our media would actually report on some of this stuff, but if they did there would be mass Natives calling racism. The Native plague on Canada needs to be stopped..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Andrea Perkins lol? Me being born in Canada doesn't mean it's mine? wow, how dumb are you? you saying that to me applies to you too, It isn't your's either. I really wish the Europeans that came over here just wiped you all out so we wouldn't have to deal with this.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well said!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    "The Native Plague on Canada..."

    "I really wish (they) just wiped you all out..."

    "Eat shit and die."

    Dehumanizing hate statements in a country that boasts internationally of how tolerant it is. Is it the 1800's all over again?

    You speak of our greed, but what of your own? You having been born here does not entitle you to ALL the land in Canada. Just as our ancestors having BEGUN here does not entitle us to all the land in Canada. But we ARE entitled to at least the land promised to us, regardless of whether Harper wants to sell it for more and more profit or not.

  16. Andi says:

    Wishing not only the death of a people but the GENOCIDE of a people, Awesome yes your the better person here good job.You loose all respect any say in matters when you wish Death upon other living people. All we want is what has been promised to us, Is that so hard? NO it's not. I'm Glad that you are a proud Born and raised in Canada, I'm glad that you have pride in your European ancestors. Doesn't make what they did correct, doesn't make the land yours. Europeans brought that land with the blood of our people, and now when we want it back your saying that we are being annoying? That we should Die? I'm sorry that you have seen Native people destroying homes to get more money, that you have seen lack of respect of the what has been given to them. But you are saying that is all of us that is all Native people doing these things. I'm sorry but that is also incorrect, you cannot pin the actions of few to a whole group. If that was the case I wouldn't have any friends of European blood. I'm not saying that you don't have a right to be there now, but we have the right to have what is ours. I Am Andrea Perkins Of the Chinook Tribe of the Raven Clan, I Have family that are First Nation Haida, We Stand by this movement! I'm glad to hear that other Native people are in support of this.

  17. Anonymous says:

    These treaties were written so the Europeans could stay in Canada. If they want to break the treaty and stop payment and rights then that means every person who can not trace their family blood line to native roots has to move out of Canada. Are you people really that stupid and uneducated? So much hate for something you obviously know nothing about! Yes people on the reserves do some crazy things BUT if they had power and BASIC neSsesaties They wouldn't need to burn wood to keep warm. The conditions in which they live are disgusting and horrid. This is their land that they by signing the treaties allow other people to live on the land. They have been abused and treated like shit. So sick of this! I am a mainly white woman with a treaty 8month old son. I want him to grow up proud of his people his heritage and learn his customs/traditions.
    Honestly I hope that if nothing is resolved they sound their war drums! If this happened to anyone else war would have happened already!

  18. Anonymous says:

    We DO NOT get everything for free!! We DO NOT WANT more!! We want what was promised to us!! plain and fucking simple!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    stopping in to show you support chief! if the government is willing to cause the death of their native people it goes to show and prove that they still have no heart and have never honored the Natives as they should! NATIVE PRIDE ALL THE WAY!

  20. Anonymous says:

    sir, I admire your educated mind! I wish more people would realize what you said is true! unfortunately some people don't realize that it was the Native Americans that taught the pilgrims how to live on these lands, thus leaving the Native Americans as the key to the survival of the sorry ass pilgrims seeing as we had to teach them how to hunt animals they were infirmary with...

  21. Donna Lynn says:

    This affects everyone, all the colours of the Medicine Wheel. Harper's regime must end, and there has to be accountability for future governments. Our rights and freedoms are being stripped away without our knowledge or consent. Our Country's natural resources are being sold to the highest bidder. First our oil, is our water next? Everyone needs to wake up. This is not just a Native issue, don't let the old hatreds flare and take hold. No one, no matter colour or culture likes this government or what it's doing. Let's focus on standing united in order to make a better Canada for all.

    Behind you all the way Chief Spence, you are a very strong, brave, warrior woman who has chosen the road of peace to get your point across. You make me incredibly proud. I am sharing your story with everyone, in every way I can. I am also writing Harper on a daily basis at . I encourage everyone else to spread the word and flood that office with emails and letters. (Office of the Prime Minister, 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2 Fax: 613-941-6900 )

  22. Anonymous says:

    and I really wish that my Native American ancestors weren't such nice and caring people, because if they weren't, then the pilgrims would have died and Native Americans wouldn't have to put up with lies and broken treaties. AND, we would still be living in peace and harmony.
    April Sumner ( Blackfoot, Cherokee & Cree Pride )

  23. Anonymous says:

    I agree! I descend from both Native American blood and European blood. Yes I favor my Native American culture. Native Americans should not be forced to struggle as they are.. If I was actually a member of one or all 3 tribes I descend from and if I had connections I would be more than happy to start a Native American rights movement here in the U.S. I'm sick of Natives being denied what they are entitled to. Hasn't the government caused enough pain, damage and struggle to the Native American people?


  24. Anonymous says:

    #IdleNoMore Its Time we #StandUp for Our Rights that have been Ripped from Us as a People.North America Is OUR Home Land we are One Nation We are a Strong People and Once we Stand together Our Voices will be heard #IdleNoMore

  25. Anonymous says:

    Stop taking a free ride off the Canadian government, stop taking free medicine, free healthcare, free welfare, tax free stores on native land..ect. ect. you want everything! The cart, the horse the land and the food. I say no.
    Those laws were made years ago from all our ancestors trying to gain whatever they could. None of us have anything to do with it. You shouldn't have a right to have Large amounts of Canadian Lands and still have all that regular Canadians have too. There has to be a line drawn. You don't get all the cake, all the cookies and all the hotdogs. As far as I'm concerned your Chief is as greedy as the rest of you. Let her get hungry. She'll eat. I wouldn't give them a damn inch of land. If they get land, they don't get free healthcare or welfare or anything the government gives to us "Crappy regular Canadians" You pay for it all yourselves.
    I mistakenly drove onto reserve land one time in Ontario when I got lost and I got beat up for being white, on reserve land. I explained I didn't know I was on reserve land and tried to leave right away and apologized politely. They destroyed my truck with bats and punched me out. I'm a woman and I had a child with me.
    I don't feel anything for any of you.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am native and proud. We are not greedy we own the land, we were first peoples here in Kanada. I feel so sorry for some white people who are getting mad at us natives just because we get (free healthcare, tax free etc) we have a treaty saying from the government that we are to have this according to the laws and treaties that were signed years ago. Harper is the one who is greedy and making money off the lands and profiting from it. You obviously dont know what the history is behind that natives, if you dont start reading our history, dont point fingers at us, just because we were here "FIRST".!!!! If you were in our situation you would be mad and doing the same damn thing too, so stop all this nonsense and gibberish talk about us natives, are no good. We stand up for our rights, and you would too if something like this happened to you too. It doesnt matter if your white, black, chinese, native, asian, or any other race....we are all one people and we all do have to live and pass each other on a daily basis, so stop all this negativity against natives. we are all canadians!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    No, I wouldn't. There's time when to say enough.We are not all one people. You made that clear when you keep saying you deserve more than any other born Canadian. Just because you are Native, doesn't mean you deserve all the rights and lands your ancestors made treaties over. That was a long time ago and things change. Many of you don't even take care of the land you have, or the houses. I've seen the carnage on reservations. Garbage all over, houses in disrepair or abandoned completely. Many natives don't even live on reservations. If we told you to live on them exclusively after you got the land you would call us racist. You can't have everything. So what, your ancestors were here first, not all of you now. You are all modern day descendants, and modern day laws should be in effect. It's wrong standing up for your rights beating up innocent people straying on reservations by mistake and destroying their property..banning anyone that isn't native from them, and being a leech off the Canadian government forever. If you were truly Canadians, you would stop feeling so darn entitled and better than everyone else and give back. No one wants to argue, but deep down inside, many people feel this way. I'm just vocalizing it through this site. We all work hard, and should be equal. Everyone of us. Why do you make it so hard to live in harmony. If your Chief wants to starve herself, it's not going to change a damn thing. Harper, for one thing is a jerk. He cares not about Canada, he's proven that over and over. Your barking up the wrong money tree Kochief. Our country is falling apart because of him and all of you are just stacking up the chips against every single Canuck. Why don't you help the whole country by getting off your entitlement wagons and get behind the wheels of justice to remove him from office before he destroys the country.. because the Chinese aint gonna give you shit, I'll tell you that much. Once they own us completely. Game over.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I support the chief's right to a hunger strike, but worry about the long term effects that such action will have on the health of the chief.
    I too as a person of European descent question your entitlement and all that you have gained:
    1) residential schools - fracturing of families, communities
    - loss of childhood, nurturing, learning how to parent
    2) highway of tears - loss of women's lives (no justice)
    3) Pig farm tragedies - loss of women's lives (justice too late for so many)
    4) Disproportionate number of First Nations peoples in the jail systems, especially women
    5) Lack of schools - the school that the govt. promised to build in Attawapiskat in 2000, for instance, has still not been built
    6) Mercury poisoning of residents of Grassy Narrows
    7) Governance by the Ministry of Northern Affairs
    8) Destruction of land and the displacement of bands in order to build dams, etc.

    And now the possibility of the destruction of lakes, rivers, loss of rights within treaties, etc.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Bah.. All of that can be compared to white people too. That is hog wash. White people have suffered many of the same atrocities. All of your argument above cannot be pointed specifically to Native suffrage because of the Canadian governments neglect.

    I could say the same thing about low income white families being neglected and torn apart, poor communities schools being closed, pig farm tragedies were not exclusively Native victims.

    The number of aboriginal peoples in jail is not abnormally disproportionate.
    At some point they need to take responsibility for their own actions, if in jail, and stop blaming others for their misgivings.
    Everyone that has had a bad life doesn't end up in jail.

    You just keep reeling that line in for pity.

    I grew up alcoholic parents, shitty schools, bad neighbourhoods, slept on the street at times. I ended up in juvenile detention centres because I ran away from home. I didn't end up in jail as an adult. I smartened up. I didn't have anyone to help me, except me, either. Time to stop leeching and blaming.

    All the land is being ripped apart and taken away from everyone.. Mute point.

    Your whole argument above is weak.

  30. Anonymous says:

    its pains me to kbow that there are so meny harshly judgemental people who know nothing like this... i'll pray for spirit so that your angry may fade one day.

    This said by someone who wanted nothing but peace with you people, and in return was beaten in very white man foster home. But still i pray for you people, and also pray for spence may the spirits watch over her as she watched over our land

  31. Anonymous says:

    we protect our rights for all of canada.. for the better of it. you have any idea wht bill-C45 will do... our rivers, lakes and ward will happen within all of canada, we need to protect it and not only because we want free anything. i have neer got a damn thing from the government besides cheaper smokes. we need to protect this land n get harper out of there. im sorry for the hatred and jelousy you have towards my people, but it goes both ways. we were all treated badly but this shouldnt even damn matter. we need to look after n protect whats right for everyone... and btw if the whites never came for a fact my people would still be living off the land n in harmony as i know there are still tribes in the world who do, we wouldnt know how to live like we are now. but thats all i have to say... i shall pray for your angry spirit

  32. Anonymous says:

    still so meny other reason.. just because a few were listed doeant mean anything... you really dont know anything untill you lived as a native on native land... so harshly judgemental we all are and best thing would be is to shut the **** up about things we odviously know nothing about

  33. Anonymous says:

    just because a few reasons were listed doeant mean that was it... dont say nothing if you know nothing. .odviously

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