Friends: Mr Sholeh regularly sleeps, plays and fights with the enormous tiger (Photos)

It is quite common for people to form close and loving friendships with animals.

But it is quite a different matter when that animal is a 27-stone tiger with a fondness for fighting.

Abdullah Sholeh, 31 has formed an unbreakable bond with four-year-old feline Mulan.

He regularly sleeps, plays and fights with the enormous tiger.

The pair spend every day together after Mr Sholeh helped raise her from a three-month-old cub in Malang, Indonesia.

He now cares for her full-time for owner Noer Mohammaed Sholeh - and has become affectionately known as the tiger nanny.

The pair are so inseparable, Mr Sholeh often shuns his own bed to sleep alongside the big cat in a rickety outhouse.

And Bengal Mulan is even known to 'mock attack', hug and kiss her companion when they play in the garden behind their home.

However, despite the playfighting, Mulan clearly doesn't appreciate her strength.

As one picture shows, Mr Sholeh was left with a bruised and bloodshot eye after being caught by one of Mulan's paws.


Responses to "Indonesian man forms unbreakable bond with 27-stone feline Mulan (Photos - Video)"

  1. Felix Lee says:

    What an amazing friendship between man and tiger. These felines don't know their own strength so it's always dangerous no matter how closely bonded they are. I wouldn't want to put my arm in the tiger's mouth like this guy.

  2. Yikes. Love is strong and respect goes along with that. Protecting and appreciating these creatures in their natural state is a responsibility humans have. Lions and other predatory animals do what their instincts tell them to do for their survival in nature. And hopefully, respect for their wildness is what will help save them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tigers have always been my favorite of the big cats and I fear for their longevity with such cruel nations as China who hire poaches to capture and or kill them for their own greed. To see a man bond with these irreplaceable species is so heartwarming it brings both joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting. Chiefruth

  4. Anonymous says:

    See! We can trust animals be'koz they love us. GOD's creations are all equal in the eyes of GOD. We need to respect the wilderness so that magnificent beings such as this tiger may live in their natural habitats.

  5. Grushenko says:

    Amazing! What else can I say? Jealous? Yes! Could I do this? NO! I admire this man's work and wish we could all as a human beings understand that animals belong in their original habitat.

  6. Param says:

    All animals show love and understand love and have a greater need for it.
    Human needs for love dies in the face of ego. There is no limits of love. Once loved, no animal bites into blood even tho bites in friendship and love. This i believe.

  7. Param says:

    You may raise a man he may betray you. You may raise a tiger from its young cub, and it will never ever betray you....

  8. How awesome, when trust and respect are sacred integrity !

  9. Anonymous says:

    Spirits united as they should be! The true bond of trust and love

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tigers are wild animals people! It's only a matter of time until instinct takes over and this man is injured or killed. Don't confuse human emotion with animal emotions.

  11. Anonymous says:

    animals that was treated as humans will spend their life close to us because they no longer fear for their lives

  12. Anonymous says:

    this is so cute...and so great...i want that tiger too...

  13. Anonymous says:

    There is a story....About cat who was friends with a mouse. The cat and pet mouse played affectionately together for 9 years. Then, one day, the cat ate the mouse! Talk about playing with your food.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Amazing pictures indeed. But like probably many other folks,I am a bit skeptical about how long this "friendship" will last. Tigers are wild animals, felines, and very strong creatures, with powerfull teeth, jaws and claws...And there is this instinct...

  15. Unknown says:

    If Mr. Sheloh were to be accidentally (or even deliberately) killed by Mulan, I'm sure he wouldn't want to die any other way. How wonderful to have this kind of relationship with this majestic animal. I envy him.

  16. Morgana says:

    Affection puts aside the wild.

  17. Anonymous says:

    If this guy is called the tiger nanny..what if he's being forced with this tiger for attention? He will get eatin !

  18. Tigerlove says:

    All my life i love tigers, they are my favourite animals and i spend for longevity for tigers and i am godfather for tigers. They are so strong and beautiful i am speakless if i saw tigers.

  19. pilvikki says:

    pamela, nicely put!

    beautiful story!

  20. Victor says:

    Great companion .....

  21. Anonymous says:

    I Have to say this is an amazing opportunity for this man,to have such a bund with an Tiger especially when as he could change he splitting personality and hurt him but I don't think so they bonding strong and his dun an out standing job with looking after him,so many people's would be jealous of this man owning Tiger's cause down where I am in Australia we can't own Tirger's cause they go into the zoos ,But if I could own one or tow I would it would be amazing and an experience's I have to see for myself .but I'm just other welled he owns them after they need to much meat and things to keep them alive.and my name is emily

  22. Anonymous says:

    I prefer animals to people

  23. Unknown says:

    Amazing story. That's how life was suppose to be.

  24. I can relate having been around the big cats. I am sure there is so much more to this story such as the young man having saved the tigger or it being raised from a cub and never having been free in it's natural habitat. Glad to see it working for this man and tigger but I am sure it is a unique situation and not advised for just any human and/or tigger. Big cats are amazingly beautiful, demand respect, and as mentioned, do not know their strength. If something does go wrong and the man is hurt or worse I am sure it would be via accident.

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