Mexico City orders prison in animal cruelty cases

Mexico City lawmakers have approved prison terms for animal cruelty, previously considered a civil offense sanctioned with fines and detentions.

The capital's legislative assembly unanimously agreed that people who intentionally abuse and cause animals harm will face up to two years in prison and pay up to $500. If the animal is killed, they can face up to four years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

Antonio Padierna, president of the assembly's law enforcement and justice committee, said late Friday that if animals are killed for food, the death must be quick and not cause pain.

The lawmakers agreed current administrative laws weren't doing enough to end animal cruelty. In Mexico City, animals are sometimes killed by being burned, beaten or shot. (Source)

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Responses to "Mexico City Animal Cruelty Cases Can Result In Prison Terms For Abusers "

  1. Remember people that animal killers are the pre-cursor to human killers. Proven fact---all serial killers were 1st animal killers. So we need to stop the abuse.

  2. Anonymous says:

    First the people had to be made aware that abuse is going on.Now it is time for strong laws and punishment.How we treat innocent animals can be a precursor to how we act as a nation.Be kind to animals who give unconditional love and trust humans for food shelter and love. How we treat the most vulnerable sets the stage for human rights. How do we treat the elderly? How do we treat animals? Just something to ponder about.

  3. Mary Witt says:

    Very good point that Rose Degroat,said about serial killers were 1st animal killers. I think that Mexico's law that people will end in jail if abusing an animal is great and the United States should have the same law for all the states.

  4. kadi says:

    That's great, i hope that now other countries do the same. I'm in the U.K. & although animal abusers can be sent to prison it's not often that that happens. Most just get a fine -not a big enough one- & told that they can't keep an animal for maybe 10 years, there's no follow up to that & if the abuser moves no one knows. We have a law but it's not used properly.

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