The Thai Government has announced steps to end the dog meat and skin trade in Thailand.

Thailand along with many Asian countries including China has for hundreds of years partaken in the consumption of dog meat. Today however in Thailand, the eating of dogs is not embraced by the mainsteam population - it is considered to be uncivilized.. But many of the poor people do still eat dog meat.

The big demand for dog meat comes from it's neighboring country of Vietnam. For decades, enterprising Thais have grown wealthy gathering local strays by the tens of thousands and then selling them to Vietnamese distributors for about $10 per head. Intelligence gathered from police, traffickers and local politicians suggests that at least 30,000 strays are now smuggled through illegal river borders each month.

Unfortunately the demand appears to be rising, a trend which is attributed to a more vibrant Vietnamese economy. Hanoi's leftover Thai dogs were once re-sold in China, according to researcher Thanyathip Sipana, but now Vietnamese consumption leaves little left for the Chinese.

Just recently though, the Thai Government has announced steps to end the dog meat and skin trade in Thailand. At a seminar held in Bangkok at the Royal Navy Auditorium, participants included many representatives from the government. Those that attended were members from the Royal Thai Navy, the Canine Police Force, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Social Development and Human security, the Ministry of Public Health and the Department of Livestock Development.

At the meeting they all agreed to a request that the prime minister declare a national agenda to end the trade of dogs in Thailand, destined for human consumption. They also suggested education programs and campaigns to instill a sense of responsibility and social conscience in Thai People.

Responses to "Thailand takes steps to end dog meat consumption and trade to neighboring countries"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shocking , these people are really Evil !! so disgusting ! I can't believe it !!

  2. They still eat anything that walks, flies & swims.
    It is time they realized that there is now plenty
    of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs for them
    to live on.

    We the Westerners, still can't point a finger at
    Thailand, because many of us eat pigs that have the
    intelligence of a five year old child and many still
    turn their backs on the terrible suffering of animals
    being killed in slaughterhouses. It is just horrible
    to listen to their deep cries.

  3. Susan says:

    I read your blog frequently and I just thought I’d say keep up the amazing work!

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