Helpless lions take cover as group - including children - hurl snow at them (Photos)

 Throwing snowballs at lions does not sound the safest - or kindest - way to enjoy yourself.

But when the animals are contained in a zoo enclosure and you are firing down on them from behind a safety barrier - it is a little easier to be brave.

These lions certainly looked less than pleased when they were pelted with snow by laughing visitors, including children, at Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang Province, eastern China.

The attack was reportedly launched by one young man, who began to take aim at the big cats with a barrage of snow and ice.

The attack clearly frightened the helpless animals, with the lioness swiftly taking cover under a wooden plank.

The male line used a tree trunk as cover, with both eyes fixed on the visitors, as the missiles rained into the enclosure, reports.

The man apparently laughed as he hurled the snow, with a group of other visitors, including a number of children, also starting to take aim at the lions.

One of them used large chunks of snow and threw them down with all of his strength, according to the website.

The frightened lions took shelter together in the corner of their pen as they tried to escape the new onslaught. The male lion roared in anger at his tormentors as they began to stroll away.

Sadly the lions were not the only animals to be pelted with snow, with some of the crowd also pelting the zoo's alpacas, monkeys, a giraffe, a tiger and other creatures.

Responses to "Are these the world's cruelest people ? Chinese zoo visitors persecute lions with Snowballs!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stupid ass are those that do like this,they have no RESPECT for each other so of course no respect for the animal. They don´t even have facebook in China it is forbidden !!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, you think a snowball is the cruelest thing people could do to animals? Not even close. These animals have a lot thicker hides than people do, and we enjoy snowball fights on occasion. I'm guessing the animals hardly notice. Is it stupid? Yes. But in the realm of what's wrong in this world, this doesn't even rank a top ten listing.

  3. To the "anonymous" who wishes to make light of this abuse....ANY abuse is ABUSE. Period. And is NEVER ok, unless both parties are willing participants and therefore would not be classified as abuse. Abuse, according to the English dictionary IS...2)to mistreat, esp. by inflicting physical harm on. Anytime somebody tries to "grade" abuse only justifies the behavior, and therefore allows it to continue...and FLOURISH. And if you choose to justify ANY form of abuse, you can justify ALL of it. And THAT is what is wrong with the world.

  4. anne says:

    So sad that people find this amusing

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very well said Nicole!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    How do we start a petition against this cruelty in China against the animals in the zoo? China shouldn't even have any zoos if they can't control the moronic "visitors"!

  7. Unknown says:

    come judgement day they will get theres Im so sorry for the lions humans are the ones that need tameing someone should have shot thoose people with a tranquilizer gun and caged them up with thoose lions then game would be fare they surely wouldnt be smileing maybe someday a lion could in turn rip thoose smirks off the abusers face karma they have it comeing

  8. penelope says:

    And they will wonder why, if someone accidentally falls into the enclosure, the lions would kill and eat them. The lions need to be relocated away from such visitors.

  9. They also get their kicks feeding live cows to lions!! I mean, I understand them giving hunks of meat to the lions, but for a fee, you can watch them take out a live calf or cow and just dump them into the lion pit? These so-called humans have NO soul or appreciation for the wildlife! Just another reason for me to hate them and their female baby-killing ways!! Assholes all!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese do worse things to animals than throw snowballs at lions. Think of their bear and tiger farms. Before we Westerners throw stones at the Chinese, lets us reflect as to how we used to treat animals in menageries, funfairs and zoos not so long ago, about our circus animals still today, about our dolphinariums, about our factory farming of poultry and pigs, our intensive cattle rearing and our use of lab animals to test vain cosmetics, etc. The problem is not the Chinese but the propensity of the human species to be nasty and cruel. That same species also has the potential for empathy, care and compassion. Very few individuals are intrinsically nasty and cruel; very few individuals are intrinsically compassionate; we all have a mixture of both urges and the side that predominates is heavily influenced by the moral values of the surrounding society. Those have nothing to do with the degree of culture, the age of the culture/civilization or its technological level. Most people will agree that a society infused with caring and compassion is a happier one than one lacking those values. The remedy is not throwing stones but teaching, education and giving the example. In many ways relating to present issue, Chinese society, despite its long history, is at the sort of level Western society had until well into the 20th c., and we all have a long way to go. In relation to the present issue, there are and were other societies well in advance compared to Western and Chinese societies.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If you eat meat you have NO right to complain about this because you pay for animals to endure much worse with every meal you choose to eat. This animals lost their dignity for a while - your food loses it's life. Perspective.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sad that there was someone there taking pictures of all this, but not doing something to stop it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    They skin animals alive and drain bail from black bears. Throwing snow balls is nothing in comparison. Chinese in general are extremely cruel nation. There are exception of course. Too bad. Here in Canada we have our share of cruel and stupid people too. This world is all fucked up.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think they should be fed to the Lions. That is so cruel when stupid Jackass people want to take advantage of helpless and caged animals as a target. The Chinese don't deserve pleasure of a zoo since they can't control their own people.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I understand what you're saying (but aanimals do feel stress & unhappiness ...we just don't understand it)...A point of my post is ,as we get burdened by business , commercialism and the human animal overpopulated(and gets used as a source ' living') ..the people have been so reduced that sensitivity is reduced ...our tongues a're the most prolific weapon there is and as we loose are ' self warp' ..we become a parasitic source ,with unhealthy vents .
    I've been more horrified about the commercial food business ,and the leather ,mammal rendered sources (like skinning animals alive ' cause it's easier. ..thus far ,I've lost my want of eating mmammals and wearing skins,etc. ...simply turns my stomach.
    People on this earth ..too many ,I' 'll leave in a few years , if I come back as a lion - I' 'll eat the snowball & . hopefully come face to face with , the ' Skinner' that threw it (if I may add a little prose)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Id kick that stupid mother fucker in the teeth!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how the Chinese would feel if they were in the position of the lions. I know I wouldn't like it either. What satisfaction can one derive from tormenting animals?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Fuck this stupid chinese people - I stay there for three month and this was the badest time of my live because this fucking guys have no culture and eat their own shit - awayfully absololut horror !!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why did the zoo managers allow such cruelty?? Those people should be kicked out for life!!!! What is the zoo doing about the care of these animals??? This seems too cruel to be allowed!!!!!!!!!! Deborah Horn Can't seem to publish the sites are not compatible with mine!!

  20. Unknown says:

    Hate to tell you but China has one worse then this with Tigers it's called Tiger wine. Yes Tiger wine it is made from the bones of tigers and endangers animal and it is sold openly. I think something needs to be done to this country to step up it game. They need to be responsable for all actions I would have thrown one of these people over that wall. That would have put a stop to any more snowball throwing.

  21. falkirk says:

    share it on Fb and let others see

  22. Little Feather says:

    Very good, Nicole.....there is NO excuse for ANY kind of it snowballs, killing, poaching, NOTHING! There was NO reason for these people to be doing this to "CAGED" 4-legged brothers and sisters, except the fact, the HUMANS needed "entertainment"!!!!! Put these INhumane humans in this cage and throw the snowballs at THEM!!!! Abuse these INhumane humans!!!!

  23. Unknown says:

    Why don't you open the cage, then through snow balls at them, You stupid, ignorant, cowardly, thick twats. Most of your race needs to be put in the middle of Africa with no weapons and in the middle of the oceans to face the sharks you violate then throw back in. Lets see how you get on then. Your so fucking brave aren't you.

  24. Unknown says:

    There is clear picture of the guy who is doing it, why not save money and feed him to the lions. And all the others that are doing it. You make my blood boil. You are so evil to all animals. I wish your race would get there penance for all the evil you do. Sooner rather than later.

  25. Anonymous says:

    we are all aware of the atittudes of the chinese toward animals. Allmost all the animals that are poached or taken illegally, such as lions, tigers, bears, rihno horns and elephant tusks find their way to china so that they can continue with their antiquted beliefs and potions. This is slowly changing as the younger generation is moving away from these practises.
    I feel the cruelty is the zoos themselves. Wild animals should not be caged so that humans can galk at them and make the zoo owners money. That is what is really cruel. Zoos should be banned. Thank you for listening Steve Harding

  26. Anonymous says:

    What is WRONG with these people?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Some people just don't evolve,..I wish the person that threw the snow ball fell in with the lions.

  28. todd says:

    what can i say GOOD about the CHINESE people????????absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!!the lions are much better on the whole!!!!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    ...I feel like this is a discrace..... :'(

  30. Anonymous says:

    We make you stuff. -__-"

  31. Anonymous says:

    Not all Chinese people are bad. It's just thoese one. \(-_-")/

  32. Demfatale says:

    I despise racial stereotyping, but sometimes, it fits. I walked out of the Beijing Zoo because a man feeding the pandas was being brutal and nasty, and wore a menacing facial expression (which animals read). "Stop it!" I yelled at him, and he turned that face on me. Sadly, there's a malevolence in the culture toward all things sacred--the earth, nature, and human aspirations toward spirituality. The only reason some Buddhist temples and shrines (destroyed in the People's Revolution) are being restored now is to bring in tourist dollars, and they freely admit it. Trash bins marked "recycling" are tossed off moving trains by snickering stewards. It's disgusting. The culture has produced some of our greatest sages ever, and has cultivated some astonishing skills, but it lacks heart and soul at the common level, and considering their numbers, they drag down the humanitarian IQ of us all by their sheer numbers.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I'm "guilty". I love to eat meat. Never have considered lion, but I'll try it sometime.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This doesn't really come as a surprise when you look at the Asians. They have little respect for human life let alone animals.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese are ruthless, soulless inhumane thing's they eat everything including your dog's and cat's it's horrible how they treat animals I'm sad and disgusting by this and them as always.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Why is the zoo allowing this mistreatment of their animals? They are their caretakers, and should protect them. This abuse will cause psychological, emotional, and physical trauma to the animals, and will stress them out tremendously.
    The abusers should be kicked out immediately, and all visitors monitored 24/7, to avoid this abuse.
    China, the world is watching. Do the right thing and stop this NOW!!!

  37. Unknown says:

    This is how to show respect??? These amazing animals are already enslaved then these assholes mock them with more cruelty!! Shame on these despicable subhuman assholes!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese look on other species much like Trump looks on humans, namely that they are put on this planet to be exploited by them for their own ends and sentiment never enters their minds. For example how do you reason with a people who have age old beliefs such as after a woman gives birth she should eat the head of an Owl to replace the vacuum in her stomach or that frogs must be skinned alive or dogs beaten to death because the adrenalin rush in their bodies as they suffer makes their flesh taste better! The Chinese know the price of everything but they value nothing.

  39. melanie says:

    Sent them back to the wild. That is their home. Would you like living in the wild held captive by wild animals and starved?

  40. Richard says:

    I hate to say it but the Chinese are barbaric. Of course this is nothing compared to skinning animals alive for fur trims and all the rest they get up to. For a country with such a rich cultural history, it never fails to surprise me just how disgusting they can be.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Firstly these animals should not even be living in this climate :( the Chinese and Vietnamese are responsible for the endangerment of so many of our earths magestic species and now they enslave them to boot. What is this ignorance?

  42. Lions should not be living anywhere mear smow, they belong in Africa wild and free. And if you are cruel enough to remove them from theor hamp, give them heat protection space and love.

  43. ANNON says:


  44. T. J. who knows that Satan and demons wants him to misuse frozen crystalized water to sin against a young by hitting him in the nose with that to give him a nosebleed from over probably eight feet away from him to sin like a devil against him and God says:

    They are sinning against Gods creation when they victimize animals like this.

  45. T. J. who sins against his brother by misusing snow throwing it at a boys nose to cause a nosebleed from over seven feet away from him while profaning the sabbath day in front of a church after the service is ended so the pastor has to pinch his nose just to stop it from bleeding in the bathroom says:

    They were listening to Satan and the devils who told them to misuse frozen water to hassle those animals in the zoo. The same way it is cruel and inhumane to turn people into bums and jailbirds.

  46. Jan who knows if we say we love God and hate our brothers and sisters we see that makes us hypocrites especially when we put them in cages after cruelly binding their hands and feet together as animals even chasing them before they are arrested as animals says:

    Its too bad that so many countries put governments first instead of God. That is what they did in the Old Testament when they wanted a leader instead of seeking God. Everyone is still making that same regrettable mistake now. That's why bad stuff happens in the world like what happened at this zoo. Its all because everyone forgot how to be human beings and Christians.

  47. Satan who wants people to play with snow so that when they die God will send them to hell for committing that sin because they used it to injure peoples noses so blood came out of their nostrils says:

    I love it when this happens.

  48. Amy Tucker says:

    God did not create snow for people to play with it.

  49. Jonah says:

    North Americans are really cruel people with the way they commit demanding and forcing people against their will to be homeless in boring, hellish along with turning them into against their will homeless wandering beggars who are always looking for free handouts of peoples money. That is something they would not have to do if we did not have tyrants in our government.

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