Every day thousands of unwanted animals are surrendered to animal shelters and rescues. Most of these animals would make perfectly fine pets, sometimes with just a little training. The problem is that many are not adopted and animal shelters run out of space. But there are also those animals that are not perfect and for whom the odds are stacked even higher against them for getting a home.

That was the case of a little dachshund who seemed to have a lot of problems as a disabled dog and nobody seemed to want him. The dog now named 'True' was not only blind and deaf, but he also only had 3 legs. But that didn't stop Katie Crosley from adopting him.

Katie had already seen and endured her own fair share of hardship. Her son, Jace, was born with a heart defect. As Katie recalls it, “We spent four weeks in NICU. When it rains, it pours, I guess.” So she didn't give a second thought to giving a sad, homeless and very disabled dachshund a home with her and her son.

But her kindness to True was recently returned ten-fold when an early morning fire broke out on a Sunday and the smoke and flames began to consume their Grady County cabin in Oklahoma. Both Katie and Jace were sound asleep when it happened but they were awakened by a wailing dachshund.

Katie had at first thought that True needed to go outside. But when she opened the door, she was faced with a wall of flames which could very quickly barricade them inside. Thankfully they were able to make their way through the heavy smoke and outside to safety.

The loss of everything was hard to take, especially all of her son's medical records from NICU, and other things from when he was little. But despite all of that, Katie is so grateful that she and her son had survived the fire all due to a little disabled dachshund that originally nobody had wanted. But to Katie and her son, their little dachshund is now priceless. They realize that if it hadn't been for him, they would not be here to tell the story.


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  1. Unknown says:

    that dog may b disable but he had a special gift because of his disability. he had love for a family that gave him love and that is greater than any thing else on earth and in return his love saved his family's life.

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