Two polar bears show the real meaning of dancing on ice as they perform a graceful waltz in the freezing Canadian Arctic

Despite being some of the largest and most fearsome mammals on the planet, the two burly male bears appeared perfectly coordinated as they showed off a few moves, although they stopped short at doing the foxtrot.

Against the snowy white backdrop, the dancing partners appeared to draw each other close and clasp hands as they moved together in a tender moment.

The brilliant moment was caught on camera by Alexey Tishchenko, 42, in Manitoba, Canada, who came across the duo's performance whilst on a family holiday in the area well known for polar bear sightings.

The two bears, possibly brothers, had been enjoying a play fight when they decided to opt for a little frolic instead

They later parted ways as they shimmied low whilst wiggling their hips and waving their arms.

The Russian photographer was first only interested in landscape photography until he realised the wonders of capturing animals out in the wild.

Photographer Alexey, 42, said: 'I couldn't take my eyes off of the bears when I came across this. 'It was such a pleasure to even get near to them and I couldn't believe how human- like they were behaving.

'I love the white giants and especially seeing them out in the wild when they are free to behave exactly as they like.

'What's surprising is that despite their size, they can still be such tender and graceful animals.

'After such a successful trip to Canada this time, I'm already thinking about my next trip over there when I can hopefully get to photograph some more of these beautiful animals.

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    Last Tango in the Arctic...



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    How wonderful for the photographer to capture these amazing images and share them with all of us.

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