The Potted Plant Owl: A Remarkable Story of Survival

Driven from its home by developer's greed the Potted Plant Owl has returned to its unique nesting ground, but it still needs your help.

This is the true story of a pair of wild spotted eagle owls that were forced to leave their natural nesting and feeding habitat. They found refuge on the balcony of Allan and Tracy in Johannesburg, South Africa and are nesting there in a large potted plant.

Over the next few months you will be able to witness the writing of several new chapters in the story of these owls, including the new additions to their family. Nesting time has begun and one egg has already been laid. There will most likely be two more eggs laid in the coming days as well.

There is much to look forward to after that including the live hatching of the eggs, the feeding, playing and learning of the chicks and of course their fledging when they leave the nest to start their own lives.

It is with that notion that we realise that these owls and all the creatures of their wetland habitat need our help. These particular owls were resourceful enough and lucky enough to find this potted plant, but what about their young?

Initial attempts of local environmental agencies to stop the development of the wetland area fell on deaf ears years ago. The trees were felled and the wetland was left devastated. Allan and Tracy decided to fight back. They put up this webcam and started a petition to stop any further development. Within days more than 27,000 people from around the world had signed. This made a major contribution and helped persuade the courts to stop the development of the land. Unfortunately, the developers are now trying to overturn this decision, and if ignored will surely do so.

This webcam gives all of us a unique opportunity to witness some of nature's wonder first hand, and that is an extremely positive thing. Enjoy the 2011 nesting season of the Potted Plant Owl, but please remember their story and take a moment to sign the petition. With your help, perhaps sometime soon these brave owls can return to their homeland. (Source)

LIVE Africam Potted Plant Owl

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  1. Mary Witt says:

    Please save the wetlands on behalf of the Spotted Eagle Owls, and other wild animals and birds.

  2. Unknown says:

    Stop taking all the land, These beautiful creatures dont ask for much, Just to be left alone in there own habitat to live there lives.

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