A lioness in a Colombian center recently gave birth to three cubs that emerged from their den for the first time this past weekend.

The triplets were born to Lemon, one of the three lions in the pride at Cali center, on Jan. 18 but the public did not get a glimpse of them until recently.

Lemon became pregnant with the cubs about three months ago, said Susan Posada, a representative, during an interview with ITN.

'She made us immensely happy by having triplets,' Posada said.

Before the cubs made their arrival, the pride had been composed of just one male and two females, Posada said.

The cubs will be on a strict diet regulated by veterinarians. During the first two months of life they can only feed on their mothers' milk, ITN reports

It's not clear what the genders of the new cubs are. They join the roughly 1,200 other animals from 180 species living in the 25-acre center, in Colombia's Valle del Cauca department

Cubs are normally born in litters of three or four.

In the wild, only about one out of eight lion cubs survive into adulthood, often dying of starvation. A lion generally reaches adulthood within three years.

Lions can typically live for 20 years in captivity, roughly eight years longer than they live on average in the wild.

Wild lions can generally be found in Africa and India.

The population of wild lions, which are mainly found in Africa but also to a lesser extent in Asia, is estimated to be in the mid-20,000.

The animals are being threatened by loss of habitat, poaching, and disease. In most parts of Africa, lion hunting is either heavily regulated or forbidden. (Source)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They are so beautiful and intelligent. Their mighty power is so obvious and so is their gentleness as they carry their cubs in their mouths, I just love them and I thank you ,White wolfe for showing them to my eyes and inside my heart. xx

  2. Rocallie says:

    25 acres for all those animals doesn't seem like much roaming space. But those babies are adorable. :)

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