A pointed message directed at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Project is making the rounds online.

 'Haida Raid 2' is a stop motion video made by Ken Leslie from the Haidawood Media Project. The animation was made with Jaalen Edenshaw and Jason Alsop, and features a rap song called "Pipe Dreams" by Alsop.

The message at the end of the video reads:

Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper,

Please remember: you work for the people of Canada. Not for the international oil companies.

The people of Haida Gwaii don't want the Enbridge pipeline.

The seas here support a bounty of natural life. We don't want oil tankers in these precious waters.

Oil tankers bring oil spills and oil spills would damage this ecosystem, and the fish, shellfish and seaweed upon which the people depend.

We don't want to move to Alberta and work in the tar sands.We want to live here as we have done for thousands of years.


Responses to "Haida Gwaii artists send message to Harper about Enbridge pipeline (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good job on the video! Too bad we can't tie Harper to a chair and force him to watch it . . .

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