Native American Shuts Down Anti-Illegal Immigrant Protest: ‘Y’all Are All Illegal!!!’

 A Native American man criticized protesters at an Arizona rally against illegal immigration, calling them the real “illegals” for invading his country and killing Native Americans when Europeans first settled on US soil.
 “You’re all f***** illegal. You’reall illegal,” the Native American man yelled at the protesters, who had gathered in Tuscon, Arizona to demonstrate their opposition to illegal immigration by Central and South Americans. “We didn’t invite none of you here. We’re the only native Americans here.”

Some have applauded the man for pointing out the protesters’ hypocrisy, who at one point immigrated to the US themselves or are descendants of immigrants. The Native American man, who was pushing his baby through town in a stroller, staged his own protest when he came across the rally.

“Get on with your bogus arguments. We’re the only legal ones here,” he yelled.

One protester was caught standing near the angry Native American and became the target of his criticism. The man was carrying a small American flag and a sign that read, “We should have put that sign up when you son of the b**** came.”

Pointing towards the American flag held by the protester, the Native American said that it “represents blood spilled by Native Americans, protecting this land from the invaders.”

“You don’t want to hear the God damn truth!” he yelled. “Get on, b***! All the Native Americans you killed, you plant your houses here. That’s the truth.”

With Arizona’s proximity to the Mexican border, it has long been a hub for anti-immigration protests and initiatives. The state passed the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act” in 2010, which is a strict anti-illegal immigration measure that has stimulated significant controversy. The law made it a misdemeanor crime for an “alien” to be in the state of Arizona without carrying registration documents. It also allows law enforcement officers to stop any individual that they suspect of being an illegal immigrant, thereby promoting racial profiling. It also imposes heavy penalties on those involved in sheltering or hiring unregistered aliens.

The law’s controversial provisions were blocked by the US Department of Justice, but the Supreme Court in 2012 ruled to uphold the “show me your papers” provision allowing law enforcement to stop anyone who looks like an illegal immigrant.

But the Native American man who staged his own protest at the rally considers it hypocritical for Americans to criticize others for immigrating into the US when everyone but Native Americans at one point did so themselves.

“That’s what [the American] flag stands for – all the Native Americans you killed to plant your houses here,” he said. “That’s the truth.”


Responses to "Native American confronts 'anti-illegal immigration' protesters (VIDEO)"

  1. Unknown says:

    I love it! He tells the truth and no one wants to hear that!

  2. Anonymous says:

    True, but technically Native Americans also immigrated into North America thousands of years ago. I don't think anyone can really make that argument and not be a hypocrite.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you actually think there were no people here before the great migration, you know nothing of evolution.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Man is totally right.Btw native americans imigrated to north because they was forced to run for their lifes and their familly lives because soldiers wanted to kill them.Directors teached americans in movies about cowboys and indians that cowboys are good guys and indians bad-just propaganda.Thats not truth cause native americans were attacked all time.I love native americans and i am sorry for their pain and their losses throw centuries...

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love this scene from movie it is justice the same for all at the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkKS-puzeQw

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm so proud of him and my people. That really made my day. We should have more guys like him around and stop the bs of immigration that deviate us from the real problems that we are facing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We do not subscribe to the Anglo-Saxon theory about a transcontinental migration or that we are the descendants of apes. Rubbish! Turtle Island is our motherland since the beginning of time, the birthplace of our race.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bering Strait theory is bogus

  9. Miss Kris says:

    The difference between the waves of European immigrants and the migration of the first Asiatic peoples into America is the fact that the Asiatic peoples migrated here TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. They developed traditional cultures that were deeply tied to this land. Even if their distant, distant ancestors did indeed migrate here from another continent, the American Indian people of today should be regarded as nothing short of fully indigenous peoples. Their cultures and traditions are deeply connected to THIS LAND. White American people, on the other hand, have no ancient traditional culture. It has been forgotten. Modern White America is a cultural wasteland. TRADITIONAL CULTURE is what makes one indigenous, not where you live, where your ancestors came from, or even your blood quantum.

    That's why the woman yelling, "I'm part Cherokee!" is so damn infuriating, but kind of amusing at the same time.

    Further, there were no people in America before the migration of Asiatic peoples some 20,000 - 40,000 years ago. Humans evolved in the Old World, not the New, and it took thousands of years for them to make it here. If you think there were people in the New World before the Great Migration, you know nothing of human history. If you do not believe that modern humans evolved from ape-like ancestors, or that the first Americans migrated via the Bering Strait, you are scientifically ignorant. Humans are listed in the family Hominidae, along with all other great apes. You can protest this all you want, but you can't change the classification system, created through hundreds of years of scientific research.

  10. Anonymous says:

    he doesn't seem to understand the difference between people sneaking into an established nation to reap it's benefits and conquering a nation. his people were conquered; i don't know why anyone listens to them anymore

  11. Unknown says:

    Ho Ka! Exactly what I have been saying for years! Time to make those liars wake up out of their stupor of stupidity

  12. Anonymous says:

    Kristin Dillard, we don't want to "change" your classification system, we just don't accept such nonsense. If you really want to be a descendant of the apes, that is your choice. We are not animals. We are human beings. Bering Strait theory is just that, a "theory". It is not scientific fact.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Immigrated thousands of years ago? Then we might as well say all humans are illegal. We all immigrated from one point of origin. I think thousands of years of being here pretty much says its our land. Europeans haven't even been here one thousand years, much less thousands.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What a lot of people tend to forget is that the Bering Strait Theory is exactly that, a "theory".

  15. Anonymous says:

    gravity is just a theory, i don't see anybody trying to disprove that...i don't think it matters how they got here, but they got here first, with no human opposition. it is their land, they were fucked over so badly, it's retarded to say that anybody else deserves a right to say they are native, most of you couldn't even survive in your back yards much less thrive in pre-colonial America. if you think that just because you where born here you have a right to deny anyone else entry, plain and simple your fucking wrong.

  16. Anonymous says:

    the white people didn't conquer this land, they raped it then with lies & murder. false laws { for example: to kill a native if they stepped over white boundaries on sight {abraham lincoln} } & th laws kept eating off of each other to try to maintain their negative system, which ultimately I think will become extinct because of how backwards & separated their energy of culture is from spirit. to be strong & healthy in spirit, mind & body for family, because every day life is politics & should form th government. abraham lincoln ordered this governments biggest mass execution of human beings at one time: 28 natives on christmas day for a public hanging. patriarchal systems are a virus. but I think they are getting what was coming to them with all th different kinds of sicknesses & domination & abuse. th hippy movement was heading in th right direction but got tainted with those drugs. drugs & violence are wrong. th only way all th people will join together is by linked partnerships & practicing peace amongst families & how food is produced. we are what we eat. th government should get its nose out of farmer to consumer business. you know, some post soviet countries won't let anyone immigrate into them that doesn't have a record of their family coming from there. this new face of america is a violent vaccinated luxery mask having laws to give scrap rights & little severed limbs of land to first nation peoples. but they are there, still.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Point remains this: The Native peoples ARE and HAVE been the original peoples of this country we now call America. This find country I might add was, especially the whole Western part, west of the Mississippi, inhabited by Mexicans who actually through Spanish conquest, this land prior to the White Europeans. So in all actuality the Mexicans have about as much right to be here as the Native American First Nations Peoples. It is the Europeans who seem to continue to have difficulty with anyone but themselves inhabiting the land that wasn't theirs to start with. END OF STORY!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    damn straight brother or sister. but you have to remember, some of those white people came to this land because of their own hardships in their native lands. and they didn't make idiotic orders to control anyone. no one should blame anyone else. we should form equality and peace now, after all of the pain of everyones families. we are all human. love heals all wounds. love begins between parents. gandhi had a lot of wisdom in his form of protesting. nonviolent protesting. let's begin there.

  19. Anonymous says:

    HA! Proud Apache and Proud NATIVE! The genocide that took place on our people are never taught. But now- we are Idle No Longer!!!

  20. Unknown says:

    Not true.. its was a theory not a fact...here's a true fact why is it that we learned the horrors of the genocide of the Jews in history classes but not of the native American tribes,some where killed by the millions, some even wiped out,by the government!! Young and old murdered, even got to the point that the white settlers loved are smooth brown skin making boots and coin purses out of us and shipping it to Europe to sell.. is that enough fact for you..

  21. Anonymous says:

    Immigrations is how govn't builds it's #'s for interntional monitary funds that take care of the governing bodies of [CANADA] and[UNITED STATES OF AMERICA]... We never needed the almighty dollar$ before contact, we lived soley on the land...but, since we have been "colonized" it is how we are taken care of....The less than 3% of recource $ the government promised to use to take care of the "Indian" until the indian can take care of themselves is pennies compared to what they are actually making on the land air and water and resources of such....So...i agree that immigrants do have special status and are treated better than any other citizen of the forseen country at hand...STOP! all immigration into North America and the $$ stops flowing in....put a lien on the immigrations offices across the nation...start the commercial process with them...anyone who does not have thier status within the country yet, gets sent back until further notice...
    Just my thought for the day!!!

  22. Unknown says:

    http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/mobile/2013/01/30/who-you-calling-immigrant-147342....THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNTIED STATES EVEN SAYS EVERYONE ELES ARE IMMIGRANTS! EVERYONE EXCEPT NATIVE AMERICANS... EXCEPT THE TRUTH!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Anyone trying to excuse the conquering of the native people is a POS. There was nothing moral about what was done to the natives. The "conquering" was unjustified; it was an act of aggression; it wasn't even provoked. The settlers just came over and began slaughtering the people that were already here. You can call it "conquering" all you want to try and sound high and mighty and on some irrational moral high ground, but it doesn't change the fact that the natives were pillaged, raped, and murdered.

    Intruding on other people who haven't even done anything to you, plundering from them and slaughtering them, is never moral. Trying to excuse it in the name of establishing a nation is illogical and insane; what was done to the natives was worse than anything Hitler ever did, and yet you blowhard 'Merica apologists pretend it was moral; you're worse than Nazis, excusing mass murder that far exceeded the genocide of the Jews.

    And even if the natives originally came from elsewhere, at least when they migrated they didn't shed the blood of innocent people! No one else was here before them, so they were justified in occupying the land! There's a HUGE difference between moving to an unclaimed land and stealing it by bloodshed!

    At least the modern illegal immigrants aren't trying to kill people. At least they come over peacefully. They should be allowed in, and it should be easier to become a citizen. If you don't want them getting handouts from the government then end your socialist welfare state and stop stealing from people with taxes! Let them come over and contribute to society. Most of them are hard workers and have better work ethic than most Americans, which would help the economy if they were allowed to be legal. And if you don't like them taking jobs for lower wages then end the minimum wage and learn to compete for the wage you want instead of being a lazy slob expecting your socialist government to take care of you. Most Americans that want to keep immigrants out are hypocrites if they don't have native blood, because their own ancestors immigrated at some point into this land while others were already here. As long as they do it peacefully instead of violently like the original Americans then they should be free to come.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have a problem withe wasicu people calling Natives people savages, and a conqured people. The savages were white, they choped of the young mens heads and played kick ball, raped the young women, scalped their verginas and hang the scalps on their cross. (sand creek Massacre) (trail of tears) and more.
    A mechenized european aginst people with bows and arrows, someting to brag about. May God have it in his Heart to forgive what is in Our Heart.
    As far as this WASICU is concerned anything done against my Native brothers and sister is done against ME also My family goes back to the 1600's and I have no other homeland except the U.S.A. therefore all people in the americas are my people, not my tribe but my people.

  25. Unknown says:

    indigenous people cannot be illegal no matter what.

  26. Anonymous says:

    It just shows you how ignorant people are...this was always Native American land...nobody should say the claim of any land here in this Country is anyone's other than our Native Americans...it's still ALL their land...they are still being punished...and they've done nothing to be punished for - but instead they were forced to give up their land, and so many of their lives...family...children...so sad and so wrong...

  27. Anonymous says:

    Lets not be ignorant here...native American tribes butchered each other...many had ritual sacrifice.. tortured and enslaved other tribes...were ignorant of science and effective medicine...and had advanced little in thousands of years before European settlement. Yes how they were treated was wrong...yes these nativits right wing wackos are wrong...but it wasnt like the native americans were sitting handing out flowers in Paradise before settlement. They were a violent brutal people who lacked basic knowledge of the world and sciences. Thats just historic fact so lets stop with revionist history.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Guess what. Its all history. And what history teaches us is to get along, support the land, and feed all living beings with acceptance love and sustenance

  29. Anonymous says:

    preach it my brother... send them back where they come from. this land belongs to the native americans and the mexicans, the rest are here illegally

  30. Anonymous says:

    Interesting as human migrations in the past may have been (Homo Sapiens came to Europe from Africa via Asia and wasn't exactly nice to Homo Neanderthalis), the world today should be a fair place to live and work for everyone, with no restriction on the movement of people (since there is no restriction on the movement of money or goods).

  31. Anonymous says:

    to the person who said "So in all actuality the Mexicans have about as much right to be here as the Native American First Nations Peoples." Thank you! in all honesty. Myself being Half Mexican descendant (family has been in California since it was a part of Mexico)It seems like so many people do not think of Mexican's as being "Native"American and what I mean by that is that we are on the continent of America and Mexicans are Native peoples to this land as Native Americans are, Our ancestors were here all here before European Settlers came to the Americas,What happend was that our ancestors who were invaded by the spanish were raped, People dont see us as native and spanish, Where do they think we came from? and how are we so different? I feel that so many people are hating Mexicans/Mexican Americans Legal or not legal, I dont even think all this is about immigration its become about Race

  32. John A Robertson says:

    Outstanding... Of course White People do not want to hear the truth. I am White and of Irish descent and it took a while for me to realize that I am not a Native here, but a descendent of the colonizers. What most North Americans don't also realize is that most Mexicans coming north have a huge amount of Native blood in them.

  33. Mary McGregor says:

    "..and had advanced little in thousands of years before European settlement. Yes how they were treated was wrong..."

    what you consider little advancement in thousands of years is a matter of opinion. If what you consider civilization is actually civilization.. thank you, i'll have no part of it. They (the "civilized European") called us savages and uncivlized.. which I could never understand. The Native American honors all, to include their Maidens.. Our Women are allowed in the Council Tent, Our Warriors are interested in what we have to say and respect it as well. We recognize that Women should be honored as we give life,and no Warrior no matter how Mighty he is can claim that. Your "civilization" Didn't respect women.. they viewed them as property, refuse them the right to own property, refused them voice in important matters.. beat them, abused them.. And your men raped and abused many native women.. even cutting their wombs, vaginas and ovaries out and parading through town with them adorned on their saddles.

    Tell me- who is the real savage? Who is truly uncivilized? We learned and ADVANCED a long time ago to respect all living beings, understood that everything on this Earth has a spirit, is living and should be respected.
    I'm sorry but this is one Native that you will NEVER Convince that WE are the savages and YOUR superior.

  34. Miss Kris says:

    Toby Fent, which "theory" are you talking about? Nothing I said justifies the genocide brought forth by the Euopean settler. It is unjustifiable.

  35. Anonymous says:

    as far as i`m concerned the mexicans are indeed legal persons of this land we call turtle island they are native people of this continent so why do the whitwhite people continue to call them illegal immagrants,or however you spell it to me its just a word made up by the chimookamaan o-how!!! mmi-gwetch!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    This thread shows me that humanity is stupid all together. Mine vs. theirs is a tired argument. If humanity is to ever evolve we need to give up on petty ideas like property ownership, especially "legal" ownership(legal according to what laws?). I even believe in the abandonment of nations and countries, we have the potential to govern ourselves if allowed. We could also be one people if we could look past the hate committed in the past. Any side of this is racism/racialism, whatever you want to call it, it is still hate. I am a person descendant from Germanic tribes that landed here, yes thousands of years ago. I don't wish to claim any land based on ancestral "property rights." Hell, I don't really want to be a part of any nation or group of people other than humanity. I used to admire native american people because they were the only ones who did not seem to subscribe to the idea of land ownership, that seems to be lost. I also lost a little respect when I was personally compared to the people who raped and murdered the native population. I have had friends that were native, since I am in Utah there is quite a large population, but I opened my doors to some of their family members to come over and smoke some weed and drink a couple beers, and then just insulted me the whole time, even after smoking them out, when I thought I was offering my version of the peace pipe. One of the family members even refused to come in to my home, just because I am white in skin. I just wish there was somewhere in the world where people didn't hate one another based on skin, language, gender, religion, or even the actions of their forefathers. It looks like such a place will never exist in my life time. This might sound angry, it is not, just saddened that people have come to hate me due to actions that I had no part in and can do nothing about other than try and show love and compassion in all my actions and hope for the best.

  37. Unknown says:

    Seeing that made my day and I shared it with as many people as I could. Yes i am ethnically diverse, but my Native American roots are a large part of me and who I am. i am proud of this man who i would consider my brother and he is only too right. The protest against "illegal immigrants" is a bit comical considering what happened to all the natives of this land when we were basically invaded here! I stand and applaud him. May he teach his son these lessons!

  38. Anonymous says:

    To the person who said natives where sacrificing, not advanced and not aware of medicine is ignorant of REAL history.
    Only a few tribes, out of thousands, practiced sacrificing and only in moderation. Is that enough to commit genocide on them?
    Indigenous peoples did not have the diseases that the "civilized" world had. If anything it's only been documented that they had mild syphilis and that's it! Even murdering Columbus said in his dairy that indigenous people where happy, healthy and prosperous before a week later he enslaved the Tainos.
    All peoples across what is now N. America and Mexico where peaceful and one with the earth! We had our own democracy, respect for women, and we where not IMPERIALISTIC like Europe and Spain!
    Mexicans have indigenous blood running thru our veins, and we where proud of that until the Spanish came and called us savages. Unfortunately we fell into the euro belief that natives are below even the mestizos and even now Mexicans don't like to acknowledge their roots but hopefully that will change. Living in a Eurocentric nation for too long has made us disconnect with our past but hopefully by being educated with the real HISTORY, not the stripped down white version in high school, can be a start to stand together against injustice instead of fighting each other like that women in the video who said she's part Cherokee. Is she not aware of the Trail of Tears?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Just for the record: We didn't migrate from China millions of years ago. We are "Anishawbe", We were her by virtue of the Creator, Just like the whites came from the Jews via their God. I agree with the brother in that you are all illegal, guilty of theft of Our lands by use of Killing us with smallpox, and all the other diseases that didn't exist until you came here, stealing our land, our culture, and our Language via your "Indian torture schools" where our stolen children underwent unspeakable horrors at your hands, you murdered their souls, you murdered the elders, the women, and any male child your military could find, you lock us up in prisons as you do the Blacks as you fear two things: Blacks and Anishnawbe teaming up against you. YOu are guilty of raping Mother Earth of all that she had to give.You are guilty of slavery, torture of the backs that you repressed as slaves, and continue to keep down via alcohol, drugs, broken families, an Judges who are quick to put a blackman in jail. Bottom line is you honestly believe that "White is right". You have failed humanity, and lack the conscience to do the right thing by all people of color. You like your houses,friends to be white and your money green. You know nothing of the truth which existed before you came here to avoid persecution in Europe. And you will know nothing about the truth until the time comes when you have damaged the earth to the pint where you will seek us out to help you. Will you expepect emapthy and forgiveness from us at that time?

  40. Technically, everyone immigrated to somewhere. It would make perfect sense that Asians migrated to the Americas and that over time they adapted for the lands in which they lived. The same is true of whites, blacks, and those of other races. All the races we have now are the results of migration and adaptation. That being said... white Europeans did (and still do) a collection of horrible, terrible injustices to the natives of the Americas. White European descendants have no place what so ever to tell "Mexicans" not to come to the United States. If one wants to live in a place and they are a peaceful individual they should be allowed to do so without fear of deportation (and that goes for people of all races and nationalities).

  41. Anonymous says:

    What i was trying to get at in my first comment about immigration thousands of years ago is that we are all from planet earth and so no-one is illegal. We are all human beings. We have all undertaken wars and killed one another. We should all wake up and stop hating. I am from a generation that is trying to make white society better. We support the NA struggle and we want to move to a better world. I hope NA society will not reject science because that leads to ignorance and hate. The worst people in white society reject science and evolution so please don't be like them. They hate anyone not like them and try to take the right to marry away just because someone is gay. sorry for offending anyone.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Of course I should qualify what i said about "we have all undertaken wars" because genocide is far worse than "wars" and is inexcusable for any people to do to another. I don't know what kind of relationship NA society and white society can have now based on the past but I hope it can be one of respect. I hope NA society returns to power and has a new age. We (I) am rooting for you!

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. Anonymous says:

    I have read that Native people of America are from Siberia originally.

  45. Unknown says:

    Overseeing all kind of human societies it is very clear that no where in the world there had been keep such true purity in relationships between people like in NA tribes before white people came to invade the North America. Everywhere in the world people where lying and using whatever was available for their own profit, without ever thinking that it harms nature and their souls.... May be this is just my own idealization of NA people. But after all what I could learn about them I feel as they are "my own people", I should be born among them. In my childhood I have read the book, that was one of the trilogy Sons of Big Bear. It's about Dakota Oglala Teton tribe boy. Now I read this book to my daughter, and she feels the same... I don't know if we have somehow any native American roots. Even it's just my own idealization I love to keep it in my heart. By the way, in Siberia people who are exposed to sun they have red skin, not brown one.

  46. Unknown says:

    I do not believe I have ever read so much contradiction and just plain stupidity based solely upon ignorance, racism and/or blatant disregard for the obvious....

    "Native Americans" are all peoples descending from those believed to have been native to the "Americas", whether it be South, Central or North America.

    America is NOT a country and it had no government or written laws (including immigration laws). So, no one immigrating here from Europe (or further east) did so "illegally" and however immoral it now appears, the truth is that the Native Americans were conquered and surrendered (except for the Seminole)... as has happened throughout mankind's violent history... To blame anyone living now for any atrocities that happened then is ridiculously hypocritical as everyone's ancestry would eventually lead them back to such.

    The "United States of America" is an established Country with government and laws that make it illegal to enter and/or remain here without the proper status or authorization. Period. There is no comparing the two...

    And for the record, not all of us white, "Europeans" have ancestors that participated in colonizing the Americas. My ancestry mostly began immigrating here (to the United States of America) "LEGALLY" and without new conquest. As such I have every right to be here... as does EVERY U.S. Citizen.

    Need I say more?

    P.S. I sincerely and deeply believe that the English, Spanish and French were all guilty of great atrocities against those individuals and Native tribes that were already here.. The past however, cannot be changed. We can only hope that humanity has evolved enough to truly be able to learn from it's mistakes and never allow such to occur again....

  47. Unknown says:

    I'm a white women and very very sorry how your people were treated. I'm ashamed to be white knowing things could of been so much better for all. I also know and feel if I was born back then I would lived with the Indians if I had to run to them. Yes I do feel even now Indians are being treated wrong. I have been trying to find away to live with them now..... I have adopted your way of life and my life have changed 100% Make the Great Spirit bless you and Mother Earth give you what you need.

  48. Who is this man I want to thank him

  49. Anonymous says:

    Wow Many should start looking at how this B.S. bearing strait theory is being shoot all full of holes and the truth is finally coming to light!! I am Native and value this more than money or wealth!!! My brother in the video is right and true to fact!!! The Whitman and his government will justify there wrong doings of the past present and into the future!!! The bearing strait theory is just that and now proof is coming forth about natives being here from the beginning but the Whitman can't have that being put forth cause they believe they were just in there lies and wrong doing to our people!!! Those of you who want to claim we immigrated here can keep believing that all you want when the truth can and is coming at you from your own scientists that we as our elders have always said have been here all along!!!! Why is it that the whiteman needs to think they are the most civilized race? Look at how they define civilized lies, wrongs, murder, brutality, oh and before I forget there religion I mean wow what race other than the whiteman race uses religion as a means for murdering people and calling it cleansing, purification among many other items!!!! I believe absolutely and whole heartedly in my Native Spirituality Traditions and remember our ancestors were violently abused and even murdered for not believing in the whitemans god!!! I know for a fact I'll hear flack about this big time!!!! Yeah how many times does the bible have to be rewritten and much so to fit the times and the bible wasn't written by god but by man and we all know how rewriting goes!!! Enough of this and going point blank here every one who wants to say we migrated here I think you better do more research and keep up with new research cause the whiteman scientists are agreeing natives were here all along and truth and facts that were covered up are coming to light because the fact of the matter is and always shall be that no matter how long lies have been believed the truth will always come to light and guess what it is!!! For many they will always believe the wrong because it would be harsh for them to change their minds because what whiteman and his government teach in schools and society is suppose to be right and truth are absolutely wrongs and lies especially when it concerns us Natives and the same is for the science!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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