DALLAS — The Fuel City gas station gained attention this weekend for using a white buffalo to promote its business. Now it is facing criticism from Native Americans who say using the animal for commercial purposes is sacrilegious.

 "He's exploiting this. He's exploiting our culture,” said Yolanda Blue Horse, a Native American activist.

To some Native Americans, the birth of a white buffalo symbolizes how their sacred ceremonies and prayers were handed down to them.

When Blue Horse and others in the local Native American community heard about this white buffalo, they felt Fuel City, a downtown Dallas landmark on Riverfront Boulevard, had gone too far.

Blue Horse called the owner to explain the problem about the animal named Lone Star.

"Our religion, really, ultimately is not to be used as a circus. It's not to be used as a sideshow and 'ooh, come look at what I got,' which is what his words were," she said.

Blue Horse said she has seen this story before, and she doesn't like how it ends.

When a white buffalo was born in Greenville in 2011, Blue Horse voiced deep concerns that its owner was misusing the sacred animal for commercial purposes. It later died of natural causes.

Now, it's happening again, she said.

Even though Lone Star is genetically bred to be white, and not randomly born white, Blue Horse is still offended to see a white buffalo used to sell beer, gas and car washes.

"I think he should return that buffalo back,” she said.

Parker Benda, a Fuel City spokesman, said Lone Star stays.

"We're sorry if we accidentally provoked some feelings; that was not our intention,” Benda said. "I think it would outweigh the public interest to move the buffalo. So, at this point, yes, we're going to keep the buffalo. And I'm sorry that it offends some people, but I think the vast majority of people would love to come and see Lone Star."

That's not the answer Blue Horse was looking for, and it's not clear what she will do next.

Benda said several hundred people came out last weekend to get a glimpse of Lone Star behind their convenience store.

Responses to "Native Americans object to use of white buffalo at Dallas gas station (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Kenjo Gas Stations, which is mainly used by BP Gas, uses an Native Warrior with a tomahawk running... Which is worse?????

  3. Anonymous says:

    How about erecting a giant statue of the Virgin Mary or Jesus in a lot and using that to promote gas, beer and cigarettes? See how far that would fly. Other sacred symbols to another ethnic group, a Buddha, a Black Jesus, or some other symbol. That would create a HUGE outcry to be sure. Someone needs to put one of those next door to the gas station, to see what happens. I feel, the white buffalo needs, NEEDS to be taken away from there and shown respect as well as showing the Native peoples respect for their traditions and religious beliefs. Because some of my relations are offended, I AM OFFENDED! Get the White Buffalo out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why dont the tribes save up their pennies and buy that buffalo, then they can pow wow around the beast all night long.

  5. Melinda Curry says:

    I feel very sorry for anyone who has no respect for another peoples beliefs. They came here so they could have the freedom to worship their own religion, feeling they were wronged to not be allowed to do so. They arrive here and do the same thing to the Native peoples of this land. Why does this disrespect surprise anyone. Prayers for the spirit of this sacred animal, and for the people who have no respect for anything but money and power.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This issue with thing today to many people don't know or learn about other culture.But also got to understand everyone has Their right and freedom to express their view they why they want. I do respect and agree with The Native American that they should be respected and symbols should be protracted and not use for commercial uses.But the sad thing company have use religious symbols to promote and sell item from all faith and believes.And there nothing we can do about cause of our constitution laws that are in place protract our right of freedom of speech and media and region as my self I would not support this company out the respect for my Native American brothers and sisters And think many of other should too Thank you :)

  7. Puppers says:

    So I guess in turn, if I decided to open a business that specializes in cleaning residential yards of dog feces, and use this as my slogan for this company "Making your yard so clean it will look like Jesus himself cleaned it!" and used an image of "jesus" with a shovel, scooping it up, it would be ok, cuz hey, its business, right??

  8. Anonymous says:

    maaaaaan fuck parker brenda! He is so damn greedy!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I personally feel that a cartoon figure isn't a living breathing creature. One with a very significant role. This is a little different in that way I think. Neither is right, however this has gone much farther than a sign representation. Now if they had a native man i n a cage, I would feel it is comparable...

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