Rolling Stone has gotten wind of Idle No More, and a story posted on February 4 explains in concise terms what the movement and the controversy that started it are about.

Most notable is the article’s succinct explanation of what measures in the omnibus budget Bill C-45 and its companion, C-38, appear to undermine treaty rights and sovereignty, and why.

C-45 “changes the way that First Nations approve the surrendering or leasing of territory, making it easier to open indigenous treaty lands to development,” Rolling Stone explains.

“The law also reduces the number of development projects that require environmental assessment and dramatically changes the nation's Navigable Waters Protection Act—which, since 1882, has made it illegal to ‘block, alter or destroy any water deep enough to float a canoe without federal approval.’ Now, only specifically enumerated bodies of water have that protection.”

Equally informative is the overview of how Idle No More has been perceived outside the movement: “Idle No More has been subject to many of the same criticisms as other social movements: that its purpose isn't sufficiently clear, that tactics will turn off potential allies, that infighting and tribal mismanagement mar the message.”

However, Idle No More has potential, and one source in the story calls it a turning point for First Nations.

Read From Rolling Stone: “Native-Led Protest Movement Takes On Canadian Government.”

Responses to " Rolling Stone Takes Note of Idle No More"

  1. I've just written a short article myself on the challenge a B.C. aboriginal group has launched in Federal Court to the Canada-China Foreign Investment and Property Protection Agreement (FIPPA) and how it could catch fire: see Ultimately, it comes down to how many Canadians feel we profit from the benefits contained in the agmt. Hint: Few Canadians know doodley-squat about int'l trade which is why Harper is largely unopposed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Native nations have long been the canaries in the cole mine. This resource war waged against them and the Kayapos in S. America and against all third world nations is quickly moving into the business of fracking the guy next door. Idle No More is taking the stand we should all be making. Please give these brave people some press coverage and let the world know that the nightmare is not confined to remote reservations in the north -- it is arriving on Main Street, as well. Let's begin by helping to protect those remote reservations, where some wilderness is still left.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What are citizens of America doing about some of the things the government is doing "on their behalf" because "We (government) know what our citizens want."
    What about the FEMA camps, Martial Law and Gun Control,drones, etc.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is an always been about dirty money and stepping on the poor to make it. If anyone out there is religious how about thinking about this: the anti-Christ is supposed to come as a saviour to the people,and they will be deceived, like a Corporation bringing jobs and wealth to an economically depressed area, then leaving it when done totally depleted. Now, people may say that the anti-Christ must be a person well did you know that corporations have been deemed a person by the Federal courts? And being a business is numbered and so are any employees by their number ID badges and SIN - call this the number of the beast. Did Christ love the people ? Yes Did he hate the money lenders? Yes Do Corporations care for people? No Do they love the bankster? Yes The exact opposite of Christ and therefore an Anti-Christ. Satan is the corruptor and what are we doing to Canada and the USA and South America we are destroying the forest and waters in fact destroying Eden all for money. So if you are a Christian conservative wath out, you have been decieved and are supporting Satan, he lives in your house.

  5. Anonymous says:

    For years The Canadian Government (since Stephan Harper has taken the reins) has been disrespectful of the Native peoples, Metis,& Inuit Peoples. They care not that we live in poverty ,without housing or water, even drinking water. We are not allocated education and by that I mean schools. YES!!SCHOOLS. In the north our children are not valuable to Harper, therefore they are sent hundreds of miles away from home at 7th grade to attend school. It is heartbreaking as a huge number of these children turn to drugs and alcohol due to racism, loneliness and those are the fortunate ones who survive who are not raped, murdered, or missing. Such a shame. Then you have the Residential Schools that were horrible --a living nightmare ,that Harper promised to get to the bottom of and offered Truth and Reconciliation.....Well Mr. Harper we sit awaiting.. you have done nothing.The last Residential school was closed in 1996. We are intitiled to answers. Where are the hidden graves of the 50,000 Native and Metis children forcibly taken from loving homes and murdered in these schools. we ,their families want to bury our loved ones----We the families of the missing and murdered woman and children across Canada who are of Aboriginal decent want our Government and police service to give our missing family member the same dignity as if it were a white person. We have the same value. We also demand justice for the cruel deaths by officers who take young Native men out in -20 to -40 weather ,take their coats and shoes and leave them way out of town to walk into town--The call it "A STAR LIGHT RIDE". Picture yourself out there in the freezing cold ,had a few drinks, picked up by the police, and the police drive you way out of town and strip you--strips you of your dignity first then tells you to take off your coat, then your shoes, your hat and gloves. They pull up hard and then tell this 17 year old Native boy their command--get out. He is bloody from the beating they had already laid on him. He is afraid and begs his abusers(Cops) to not leave him out "HERE". Just like Stephen Harper and all his cronies they push on and push this young man out of the car and to his death. Where they ever charged for Neil Stonchild's death?? NEVER. For any other young Frozen solid young men ..To many to count !!!!!Only because they are Native is nothing done!!SO MUCH MORE>>>I COULD GO ON !!! Idle No More is for many reasons, many, many reasons----but Harper's latest moves are sneaky, underhanded, and lowdown...but then I think those must be his middle names. Let's not let him ruin this wonderful land that the God Lord and Mother Earth entrusted to up and Harper is no holds barred trying to kill as fast as possible. I will pray that Harper will wake up and realize all the Natives, all the enviromentelists ,all the people around the world.. and the United Nations ,who was disgusted by the way you treat the Native, Metis and Inuit people that they snubbed you for security committee ..Keep up what you do and your lawyers will not save you from the UN's crime against your own people....Oh and by the way...great way to make head way with Canada's First people....Canada's Supreme Court rules that Status Natives, Non-Status, Metis, Inuit--are equal and the same under the law...ya..wonderful !! Well Mr.Harper put public today that he was fighting his own Supreme court Justice....Just hate the Indian that much do you.....Smarten up Harper...or you might want to try out a Midnight starlight ride.. might clear your mind...oh but you do know.. you'd need to bring your own goofs....Natives don't roll that way...PLEASE>>>JUST GET IT TOGETHER HARPER>>>YOU ARE FAILING IN EVERY THING YOU ARE DOING !!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey you, yes you!! Your all educated christian people, you have some business acumen. Then you must know the Rothchilds Family who is one powerful family, they have the president and prime minister of both the usa and canada in the palm of their hands. They control all the major banks all over the world, the markets which all of you should keep your eyes on. You ll all know when their on the move with their devious controls of both governments. Their motto is deception and lies, and they love wars! !! If these governments are involved with these warmongers, then expect the worse. The Rothchilds Family is real and is in cohoots for lack of a better word with these governments. Do not let your governments derail these democrocies, and i pray for a better world. Love and Peace

  7. Miigwech to Rolling Stone for publishing this article. Its a terrific summary of what is happening in Canada and how the people, native and non native, are standing up and standing together. I also appreciate the comments and believe all are valid. This is good. IdleNoMore

  8. Anonymous says:

    My granddaughter, I Love you so much, and am proud that you are watching what is happening in our world. I believe that your voice will be one that is respected and heard, we have so much to be grateful for and to ensure that we, one day, can live without always looking over our shoulder and wondering what the world will offer the future. Love you my girl, and know that, I believe that your Papa is watching over you, and guiding you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Abolish the Canadian Indian Act.

  10. Catherine says:

    As a status First Nation person with a Degree in Justice I have to say I have spent any years working with our people, WE here in Canada and around the world deserve to have the right to protect the land that our ancestor's entrusted to us. It is the foundation of our cultue and beliefs. Harper needs to wise up to what we are saying and asking for. For those that have said and posted discriminating and racist remarks, YOU need to do some research on what we are saying, you say hateful and hurtful things but WE as First Nations are taught not to be that way. I am so proud of all the people that stand up and are involved in IDLE NO MORE. I am truly a PROUD First Nation's women. I truly hope that there will be a change on the Bills that Harper has brought in, stay strong!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why don't WE Frack Washington DC. The last time that I was there, it was a Third World Country inside of the Outer Belt. Potomac is polluted! Washington DC is infested "Do Nothings". WE stayed at a Motel 6. As soon as we walked up to the Motel's Bullet Resistant Glass Office, the gentleman from India asked if we had locked our Rental Car? People in Burka were cooking food, on open fires, on the sidewalks nearby. I felt like I was in a Bad B Horror Movie. Move the people, or work around them, Frack Washington DC, nothing happening there anyway, move on, and leave Canada and the rest of the USA ALONE.

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