A driver in Florida is shocked to discover an owl trapped in the grille of her four wheel drive after hitting the bird the previous day.

 Florida motorist Sonji Coney Williams was alarmed to find the feathery stowaway trapped in her radiator after being flagged down in a Miami car park.

Passersby spotted the Great Horned Owl's yellow eyes peering through the grille of the SUV.

It is thought the bird became lodged after being hit by the vehicle 24 hours previously.

"I was driving about 60 miles per hour and the bird never moved. I felt so bad [for hitting it] but it was very dark and we didn't pull over."

The animal was eventually removed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service.

Despite the ordeal the owl was later reported to be in good health and its plight caught the imagination of many online.

A gif of its piercing yellow eyes blinking through the radiator soon spread across the web.

VIDEO US driver finds owl stuck in car grille

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  1. Poor owl, but that's amazing it survived unscathed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    lucky big guy, OMG

  3. lolapower says:

    Amazing how it survived!!

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