Adorable baby meerkats explore the African wild for the first time (Video)

Nothing is cuter than the playful behavior and charming expressions of the meerkats. Simon King recently spent a lot of time allowing a meerkat family to get used to his presence in order to film them. His efforts payed off big-time because he got to witness a baby meerkat's first sight of life beyond the confines of his burrow. You can see these cute baby animals on their first adventure in the wild African plains from the BBC. Enjoy the video below of Simon's experience with them.

What exactly is a meerkat?

Meerkats are small burrowing animals, living in large underground networks with multiple entrances which they leave only during the day. They are very social, living in colonies averaging 20–30 members. Animals in the same group regularly groom each other to strengthen social bonds. The alpha pair often scent-mark subordinates of the group to express their authority, and this is usually followed by the subordinates grooming the alphas and licking their faces. This behavior is also usually practiced when group members are reunited after a short period apart. Most meerkats in a group are all siblings or offspring of the alpha pair.

Meerkats demonstrate altruistic behavior within their colonies; one or more meerkats stand sentry while others are foraging or playing, to warn them of approaching dangers. When a predator is spotted, the meerkat performing as sentry gives a warning bark, and other members of the gang will run and hide in one of the many bolt holes they have spread across their territory. The sentry meerkat is the first to reappear from the burrow and search for predators, constantly barking to keep the others underground. If there is no threat, the sentry meerkat stops signaling and the others feel safe to emerge.

Meerkats also babysit the young in the group. Females that have never produced offspring of their own often lactate to feed the alpha pair's young, while the alpha female is away with the rest of the group. They also protect the young from threats, often endangering their own lives. On warning of danger, the babysitter takes the young underground to safety and is prepared to defend them if the danger follows. If retreating underground is not possible, she collects all young together and lies on top of them.

Meerkats are also known to share their burrow with the Yellow Mongoose and ground squirrel, species with which they do not compete for resources. If they are unlucky, sometimes they share their burrow with snakes.

Like many species, meerkat young learn by observing and mimicking adult behaviour though adults also engage in active instruction. For example, meerkat adults teach their pups how to eat a venomous scorpion: they will remove the stinger and help the pup learn how to handle the creature.

Despite this altruistic behaviour, meerkats sometimes kill young members of their group. Subordinate meerkats have been seen killing the offspring of more senior members in order to improve their own offspring's position.

Meerkats have been known to engage in social activities, including what appear to be wrestling matches and foot races.(Source: Wikipedia)

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    Like the weasel family, members of the mongoose family tend to be fearless and intensely curious - I am so jealous of the way the documentarian was able to 'embed' himself with these charming animals ;-)

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    thanks for sharing it was beautifull to see the meercat babies...

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