Adorable baby owl is camouflaged by mother's feathers (Photos)

 Recently a wildlife photographer was taking pics of a Great Horned owl in Desoto Park, Florida, when she unknowingly snapped the pic of a tiny owlet along with the adult owl. Owls are well known for blending into the background and the mother uses her feathers to protect her baby from predators in the wild.

Marina Scarr did not realize it at first and only noticed it after she looked at the shot on her camera. It was then that she saw the baby owl blending perfectly into it's mother's plumage. It turns out that originally there were two owlets, but one died at about six days old. The one in the photos is only about 10 days old.

According to Marina, "When I took the picture, I had no idea there were two birds there. I was quite far away from the nest, under a canopy so I didn't scare the birds, and the light wasn't good. Then I heard a young boy shout out 'Look at the baby in the belly'. I started shooting, but even then, I couldn't see it myself. It was only when he started poking his head about that I spotted him."

Marina also explained that, "The babies are born white, but when they are about 10 to 12 days old, the feathers start turning a tan color. This mother owl is actually blind in one eye, but still manages to raise young with her mate every year. Before this owlet was ready to fly, he fell out of the nest several times and had to be put back in by the park ranger."

Marina loves her vocation and capturing special photos like this are just icing on the cake. "I photograph the owls here every year. I love being out in nature and photographing its wonders, I find it soothing. I feel privileged when animals behave totally naturally when I am in their presence, giving me that opportunity to share their beauty and quirky behavior."

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  1. embrace the beauty of the world we are honored to live in ☺♥☻

  2. Phoenix says:

    Serenely beautiful; spectacular photography. Thank you so much for sharing!

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